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I'm just 90 days away from a 6-figure business, and a 7-figure mindset.


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We are women who no longer fit in the traditional work model. We support women of all different backgrounds who want to create a profitable business that’s rooted in who she is—her own beliefs, values, standards, style, and a mission that is hers. We are ambitious women who are inspired to live authentic and purposeful lives in the pursuit of business success.

Nauma Graham

Activate Your Business Magic...
Being Yourself is Your Superpower!

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30 Day Boss Free Challenge

Confidently Start Your Business With an Actionable Checklist

It's more than a checklist, it's a challenge! This MUST-HAVE guide will help you create a plan, check off all of your to-do's, stop wasting time with Googling "how-to's", end perfection procrastination, and avoid missing any of the million moving pieces so you can feel prepared & confident about your new business launch.

It's 30 days, 30 tasks, and 30 emails!

The Boss Free Fix for the Woman Solopreneur


No.1 The Workbook

Use our step-by-step business planning workbook and proprietary 7-Step Business Success Formula that takes you to your first $100K.



30 Day Start Up

Follow our 30-day business start-up guide to get your business set up and all the start-up tasks checked off your to-do list.



No.2 The Planner

Finally, Use our monthly business planner to stay focused, organized, and on track to achieve your daily goals.


What Everyone is Saying

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Serious About Your Business? Book a 1:1

If you need laser-focused business guidance, serious goal setting, business planning, and hard-hitting accountability, or maybe you just need a little help for the day, book a 1:1 with us.

Prefer DIY?

We've got digital products that can help you plan, organize, or create a solid strategy for your business so that you can position yourself for success.



Boss Free Fix Plus

Together, we will utilize our exclusive Box Free Fix Program and proprietary 7-Step Success Formula to create your 6-figure business!


3-4 Hours | $750

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The Boss Free Community!

Join our community! We are one-woman business owners, thought leaders, and creatives in our respective industries. We're starting a new community, where like-minded women solopreneurs can thrive through the power of exclusive content to reach six to multi-six figures in their business. Are you ready to level-up? Join our waitlist and get notified when we launch the BF Community.

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Which product is right for you?

I'm a brand-new solopreneur and want to make sure that I give my business the BEST start!

I'm a solopreneur and need help developing the right strategy to achieve my big financial goal!

I'm still in the planning stages. I haven't started my business yet and don't have a core offer.

As a solopreneur I'm overwhelmed wearing all the hats and could use some help.



Self help book "Totally Unstoppable" by Wanauma Graham published in 2020, Amazon
Self help book "Her Mark" by Wanauma Graham published in 2020, Amazon
Book "Ditch Sugar for 365 Days" by Wanauma Graham, Amazon


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Shop BF Style

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