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7-Step Success Formula

Consider it as a collaboration to achieve your business objectives.


The Formula That Will Catapult You into Your Success

Hello WE girl! Please don't be offended, I know you're a woman entrepreneur, it's just a term of endearment. WE girls need to stick together and that's why I'm sharing my formula with you.

These days, everyone has a formula. Some step-by-step strategy that will get them from point A (praying for a miracle) to point B (goal achieved!). This formula not only closes the gap, but it also helps you with the "how".  It's designed with your success in mind.

You'll set a very clear goal.

You'll create your dream customer, a sticky message, a compelling core offer, and get super clear about your claim to business fame. 

You'll create a clear plan on how to achieve it.


A Woman Entrepreneur's Planner

There's a pretty big gap in your life right now between your highest and best potential and what you're currently doing. What you're probably missing is clarity and focus to achieve the thing.


There are things you could have accomplished by now if you had stuck to the call. Whether you're planning your business strategy, setting goals, or managing everyday to-do's, the SEVEN FIGURE SISTER BUSINESSPLANNER™ workbook and planner will help you get super focused and productive.



Love it! it's exactly what I needed! Now I just need to hire someone to run the business for me. LOL. You have an online business manager biz? Ha, J/K


United States

This fit what I was looking for. It helped me get my business off the ground faster than anything I have tried. This has relived stress off of me.


United States

This was easy and thorough. It really helped to get my ideas out of my head and in action🥰


United States


The Business Planner System

Business planning has become an essential component of any business strategy. A 360-degree business strategy accelerates growth regardless of whether you have just started your business or have been managing your business for some time.


Improve your business by developing the ideal comprehensive approach that is in line with your goals and vision. The BusinessPlanner™ will go above and beyond to hasten your progress. We are the driving force behind your 'year one' success. Consider it as a collaboration to achieve your business objectives. Your development is our top priority.


You’ve probably heard that your first year of owning a business is always the hardest. It doesn't have to be. The BusinessPlanner™ is powered by experience, creativity and innovation. In their new business journey, every woman entrepreneur has one major challenge - making it successfully through their first year as a business owner.

7-Step Success Formula


ONE Non-Negotiable Goal ONE Dream Customer ONE Core Offer...

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