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BOSS FREE MEDIA is: here for the business essentials. The must-haves.

You build a great business, and we'll make great business planning and productivity products to help you along the way. We felt there was a need for a brand that would look and think differently for all of it: the start, the plan, goals, challenges, tracking, results, daily tasks, milestones and other things.

Call us a one-of-a-kind digital marketing agency for women solopreneurs, but we're starting small, helping you win the big six this year with business growth essentials and an emphasis on personal development. We have things to layer (and layover) between your big goals, like templates so you don’t have to start from scratch, workbooks to guide you, helping you save time and gain clarity, and business planner inserts because the better you focus and stay on track, the more successful you’ll be.

Not only that… we’re building a community of collaboration and we want you to be a part of it.


Your year starts NOW!

A Personal Development-ish Brand for Women Solopreneurs

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help women solopreneurs achieve their greatest goals by creating the goal crushing business planning tools they need.

Meet WE

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The woman solopreneur who takes proactive and empowering actions toward her biggest goals. 

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The company that helps ambitious women crush goals.




Million Women Owned Businesses


Trillion Per Year


Started by Women of Color in 2022

Solopreneur Starting a Business Boss Free Media 5.png

Creating a Community of Collaboration

35% of women-owned businesses are not profitable, not for lack of effort, but because they (WE) often struggle with economic sustainability, business planning and collaboration. We imagine a 'first year' where women are hitting their income goals, building a brand based on who they are (their purpose, values, gifts, talents, goals), and actually collaborating with other women solopreneurs to provide better solutions, develop better products and create better communities. That's how we plan to cultivate longevity in business.

Women Launch Better Initiative


It's our core purpose and ultimate intention to enrich the lives of women through entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs are brand creators who ignite change in the world. We want to foster their growth and give them a platform to be who they were made to be, honor themselves in their femininity, and maximize their impact through economic sustainability, partnership and collaboration.

We understand that making substantial growth as a solopreneur can be tough. We’re passionate about helping women succeed in business, and we hope that our digital products will empower you to achieve your goals and reach new heights. Unfortunately, for many women, it’s challenging to start and find support, and they are often out of business within two years. To help them overcome this challenge, we’ve started the Women Launch Better™ initiative. When you purchase the Dream website template, we provide a woman in need with the Solopreneur Success System. Thank you for supporting this initiative.

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Solopreneur Starting a Business Boss Free Media 5.png
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