BFM focuses on one question—so what's stopping you?

There are a lot of women out there who are unhappy or dissatisfied with life and want so badly to go after their dreams.


Boss Free Media is a collection of media; books, courses, and videos, created by Wanauma Graham, author of Totally Unstoppable, with major emphasis on self-improvement.


The purpose of the content is to inspire women to have greater courage to go after their biggest goals & dreams...


and give it 1000%.

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In the Boss Free Community we're getting unstuck, doing what we love and empowering ourselves to create a life that brings true fulfillment—and we're doing it without a traditional 9 to 5.


Your inner female entrepreneur is just waiting to break free. Whether you want to get moving in a new direction or are looking for a place to expand and grow, I'd like to welcome you.

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This blog is aimed at the woman who…

  • wants to live her passion and bring out her true self

  • is looking to make an impact and do meaningful work

  • values a balanced & healthy lifestyle and stuck free work life

  • aspires to be (or already is) a lifestyle entrepreneur

  • is looking for inspiring, current, and contemporary content

  • is looking for honest and relatable advice

And she’s doing it boss free.

The topics cover a variety of areas for personal development: feeling amazing every day, creating abundance, building an abundance mindset, achieving goals, building the life you want, establishing an authentic presence in both life and work, defining the success you want, handling different roles of being an entrepreneur, getting out of your comfort zone and going on new life adventures or becoming more mindful and conscious.

We're starting something beautiful.

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