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Our Mission

We help women empower themselves to stand in their purpose.


BFM focuses on one question—so what's stopping you!? There are a lot of women out there who are unhappy or dissatisfied with life and want so badly to go after their dreams.


Boss Free Media is a collection of media; books, courses, and videos, created by Wanauma Graham, author of Totally Unstoppable and Her Mark, with major emphasis on personal development.

We have a family of products and labels: 7 Figure Sister™, Her Mark™, TRUE MARK™ Blueprint, Self-Invest™, Be the Proof™, 1000% Yourself™, Live in the VIP Section™, Very Important Purpose™, #MakeYourMARK™, #BeThePROOF™.


The purpose of the content is to inspire women to have greater courage to go after their biggest goals & dreams...


and give it 1000%.

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The Seven Figure Sister blog is aimed at the growth-minded woman who: Aspires to be (or already is) a purpose entrepreneur. Wants to live out her passions and follow her heart. Wants to feel empowered as a creator and embrace her spirituality. Wants to inject her true self in all she does. Is looking to make an impact and do meaningful work. Values a balanced & healthy lifestyle. Is looking for inspiring, current, and contemporary content. Is looking for honest and relatable advice.

The topics cover a variety of areas for personal development: establishing an authentic presence in your life, work, and passion projects, defining the success you want, becoming an entrepreneur, falling in love with your life, creating abundance, building an abundance mindset, building the life you want, getting out of your comfort zone, going on new life adventures and becoming more mindful and conscious.

7-Step Success Formula


ONE Non-Negotiable Goal ONE Dream Customer ONE Core Offer...

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