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Totally Unstoppable, a self-help book for women.


Have you ever thought: “Is this all there is to life?”, “Why does my life seem to be stuck in a constant loop?”, “Why can’t I move my life forward?” You want to believe that success is possible, but you’re wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” 


Totally Unstoppable is an honest and refreshing look at life to help you feel empowered to create change, receive where before you were closed off, and break out of a long cycle of stagnation, blocks, defeating thoughts & beliefs, negative headspace, and repetitive routines (doing the same'ole things) that just aren’t working.

Whether you want to create a heart-based business, live a more "free"  and inspired life, or live a life of purpose, you’re about to blast through roadblocks by adopting a new belief: I am TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE.

Available in Kindle and Paperback.

Book: Ditch Sugar for 365 Days, A No Non-Sense Guide to Quitting Sugar


A No Non-Sense Guide to Getting Healthy by Quitting Sugar (Book #1)


"Ditch Sugar for 365 Days" is more than a book about quitting sugar, and it's not a diet. It’s a must-read and life changing challenge if you want to uplevel your mental and physical health, boost your energy so that you can conquer your goals, crush the set-backs, and look and feel damn good doing it.



There needed to be a book for tenacious women like you who are looking to Do a Thing, Launch a Project or Build a Purpose-First (and profitable!) Business that has to do with something that you already have hidden within you.

A gift.

A story.

A collection of experiences.

Something that you aspire to do for work.

Something you’re amazingly good at.

Your unique ability.

There’s so much gold in you and the world is waiting for you to unearth, dust yourself off and sparkle. You’ll either believe in yourself and let your gold shine or doubt yourself and bury the gold in you forever.

You’re being guided to come out of this holding place where always playing it safe felt good and comfortable. Always doing the right things. Not doing anything too drastic. Always being careful. Always doing what’s seen as societally correct.

How different would your life be if you were able to show up in the world the way you were intended to? Totally yourself in all your brilliance, doing things that empower you and are powerfully inspiring and life changing to others.


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