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Join the Challenge!
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The time of procrastination is over! Women Entrepreneurs are creating new businesses in record numbers. They are beginning to start businesses they're truly passionate about.

We're fostering a network that helps women entrepreneurs not just start a business, but to plan and grow a successful one. Let the 30-Day Boss Free Challenge guide you in setting up your business. It will also help you develop more confidence, so that when you represent your business, it will seem like a natural extension of yourself.

When you join the challenge, you're joining a new community of WE's who seek to exchange ideas, build relationships, collaborate and create partnerships.

Let's Make Your New Business Official in Just 30 Days

You will

Define the purpose of your business.

You will

Create a daily high income action plan.

You will

Create a strategic plan for your business.

You will

Complete 30 daily tasks to set up your business.

You will

Set goals you'll actually want to achieve.

You will

Build a foundation for business credit.

No more putting yourself and your business on hold.

Tame the Overwhelm

There are a lot of steps that go into starting a business. It can seem overwhelming to try to tackle them all at once, but with this 30-day roadmap and a few simple tools, you’ll have everything you need to lay the groundwork for a thriving, PROFITABLE business.

Supercharge the Start

This 30 Day Challenge Guide will help you SUPERCHARGE your start-up. It's a very structured approach that really simplifies all the ins and outs of setting up a business, saving you time and money. It’s actionable and revisable. Go at your own pace. Pause whenever you need to spend more time on a task.

Crush Goals!

Although starting a business on your own can be challenging, here's the good news: You don't have to do it alone. With some planning and preparation, you can start a business to earn more, enjoy life, and crush the goals you've set.

Join the challenge for just $20 for a limited time.

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