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A Business Success Accelerator

Boss Free Fix

Build Your 6-Figure Business in 90 Days

Presented by Wanauma Graham & Boss Free Media

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Can I Do This in 90 Days?

Yes, you can!

The first 30 days are future focused and lay the groundwork so that your business can realistically grow into a six-figure business.


The next 30 days you'll establish a business model and core product using our proprietary 7-Step Business Success Formula that generates six figures per year, and you'll get all the important tasks done to make your business official.

The last 30 days you'll launch your business, not with pretty graphics and marketing tactics, but with focused High Income Actions that will help you generate six figures per year. You dive right into generating revenue.

It's Time to Stop Putting Yourself on Hold

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/ You are excited to start your business because there is no one else who can do it as well as you will.

/ You are mission and purpose driven.

/ Your work speaks for itself, and you desire to grow it into a significant income for yourself.

/ You take the initiative, set personal goals, work independently yet collaboratively.

/ You are excited by the idea of starting a business that has huge growth goals.

/ You approach opportunity entrepreneur-like, business-minded, outcome-oriented, and ROI-focused.

Say Hello to the Start of Your Success

The time of procrastination is over! Women are creating one-woman businesses in record numbers. They are beginning to start businesses they're truly passionate about.


If you've been procrastinating because...

/ You're feeling SO CONFUSED about your first steps.

/ You don't have a framework for how to set it all up.

/ There's a bunch of information in your head that you need to organize. Seeing it all laid out will alleviate overwhelm!

Boss Free Fix is for you.

You'll transform yourself to plan your business like a CEO, get grounded in your business, lay the foundation for a profitable business that's in alignment with you, and follow a 30-day actionable guide to (FINALLY!) start your business.

Follow Our Proven Step-by-Step Blueprint

Step 1:
Lay Your 6-Figure Foundation

Nº.1 The Workbook is 198 pages. Part 1 guides you through brainstorming, planning, and setting up your business for success. Part 2 includes our 7-Step Business Success Formula, which every woman entrepreneur needs to get super-focused.

No 1 The Workbook
7-Step Success Formula

Includes Our Proprietary Success Formula

The Boss Free Fix includes our 7-Step Business Success Formula! A step-by-step strategy to get SUPER focused so that you can see real GROWTH.


Take the guess work out of getting started and follow a framework that can get you up and running so that you can see success in your first year.


No more spreading your energy all over the place. Imagine how much more you can achieve, in a shorter period of time, if you FOCUS YOUR EFFORT on the right things.

The Boss Free Challenge

Step 2:
30 Day Business Start Up Challenge

We're fostering a network that helps women entrepreneurs not just start a business, but to plan and grow a successful one.


Let the 30-Day Boss Free Challenge guide you in setting up your business. It will also help you develop more confidence, so that when you represent your business, it will seem like a natural extension of yourself.

When you join the challenge, you're joining a new community of WE's who seek to exchange ideas, build relationships, collaborate and create partnerships.

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A Bonus That Puts a Stamp on Your 6-Figure Goal

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Bonus $100K Workbook
No 2 The Business Planner

Step 3:
Utilize the Business Planner

Business planning has become an essential component of any business strategy. Nº.2 The Business Planner is a collection of yearly, monthly, and daily planner inserts to customize your 2023 business planner. Comes with a 12-month set of high quality, productivity planner inserts that you can download and start using right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions to Decide if Boss Free Fix is Right for You

01 Are you currently earning $0-$25,000 per year on your business or side hustle?

⬜ Yes ⬜ No

02 Do you want to end procrastination and begin the process of starting your business?

⬜ Yes ⬜ No

03 Do you want to make at least six figures in your business?

⬜ Yes ⬜ No

04 Would you like to invest in yourself?

⬜ Yes ⬜ No

05 Would you like to turn your side-business or hobby into a viable business?

⬜ Yes ⬜ No

06 Would you like to work with a coach to ensure you’re taking the right steps to achieve your goals?

⬜ Yes ⬜ No

If you answered yes to all (or most) of those questions, you’re ready to be boss free.

Quesions to Decide

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