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How to Create a Life, Business, or Project That's Authentic to Who You Are



Much like your fingerprint, your mark is your authentic signature. Your mark is how you show up in the world and when you leave your mark, there's no question it was YOU.


You're a powerfully creative woman with amazing ideas and a big vision. You already know how unique you are and that a beautiful representation of what you stand for is a requirement for your work and life. 

Leave Your Mark helps aspiring female entrepreneurs refine their true self  and design an authentic life that reflects true passion + purpose.


Whether you already have a vision for yourself or you're just getting started, this course will help you show up authentically as you.


YOU are your niche.


How different would your life be if you were able to show up in the world the way you were intended to? Totally yourself, doing things that you love. How would it feel if you were able to take what’s inside you and share it with the world?


Want to activate your authenticity? Authenticity is the "secret" to unstoppable attraction. When you live and work in your authenticity, you command the world to reflect back at you those things that are a match to you and for your highest good. Authenticity is the ultimate empowerment!

Your magic is your authenticity.


It’s the difference between what you’re saying or doing in the world and what you really want to CREATE.

Duration of Course: 6 Days


What You’ll Learn: Leave Your Mark is a 2 part course. Part one is a 2 day introductory course that lays the foundation for how you plan to show up in the world authentically as you. The curriculum sets out to shape and strengthen your understanding of why authenticity is the key to your success. Part two is 4 days and will help you build your story so that you can be the focal point of your passion-filled idea.


After this course you will more effectively be able to:

  • Create a business that resonates with your heart center.

  • Create a life that's authentic to who you are.

  • Create content that represents your unique voice.

  • Obtain success that's true to you.

  • Show up as yourself wholeheartedly, and feel no discomfort around it.


Who It’s Right For: This course is for “aspiring female entrepreneurs”. Enrollees should have read the book Totally Unstoppable and be ready to take the next step.

This course is intended to help women who are thinking of getting started in entrepreneurship and want to be the best and truest versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives. It’s as much for personal growth as it is for professional growth.

It is also relevant for those who are just getting started in entrepreneurship and looking to take their business or project to a more purposeful level.

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