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Our Story

We are on a mission to help women entrepreneurs empower themselves to stand in their purpose and achieve their greatest goals.

BOSS FREE MEDIA is: here for the business essentials. The must-haves.

You build a great business, and we'll make great business planning and productivity products to help you along the way.

We felt there was a need for a brand that would look and think differently for all of it: the plan, goals, challenges, tracking, results, daily tasks, milestones and other things.

But we don't want owning a business to feel like a struggle anymore. Sure, it’s a business, but business should be exciting because you’re creating something special, and every time you get a notification (ding!) that someone just purchased your product, subscribed, or signed up, it should light you up.

So, we're starting small, helping you win in your first year with business essentials. Our bundle, The Boss Free Fix, is the full basket, with all the essentials you need for a clean start. Then we have other things to layer (and layover) between your big goals, like templates (you don’t have to start from scratch), workbooks (save time and gain clarity with a framework), and business planner inserts (the better you focus the more successful you’ll be).

Like finding the perfect hair product that makes your curls pop or restocking your signature brand of lip gloss, the 'essentials' can be exciting when you know how to use them, and when you find what's right for you. This phase that your business is in should feel sort of like that.

A Personal Development-ish Brand for Women Solopreneurs

Our Founder

You've heard the advice "follow your passion", but women entrepreneurs often struggle with the balance between serving a purpose and having a thriving business. I founded Boss Free Media to bridge this gap and help women like me, who no longer fit in the traditional work model, create a profitable business that’s rooted in who she is—her own beliefs, values, standards, style, and a mission that is hers. I do this with digital products that equip women to be more strategic, focused, and productive in the pursuit of business success.

Boss Free Media is a unique personal development brand for women solopreneurs. I aim for my business planning products to ignite the dreams of ambitious women and inspire them to live purposeful lives, but most importantly create and build thriving businesses.


Founder, Designer, and CEO-Chief Empowerment Officer

Activate Your Business Magic... Being Yourself is Your Superpower!


Million Women Owned Businesses


Trillion Per Year


Started by Women of Color in 2022



Our purpose is to enrich the lives of women entrepreneurs.

Community vegetable garden boxes..jpg

Our Plan for a Community of Collaboration

35% of women-owned businesses are not profitable, not for lack of effort, but because they (WE) often struggle with economic sustainability, business planning and collaboration. We imagine a 'first year' where women are hitting their income goals, building a brand based on who they are (their purpose, values, gifts, talents, goals), and actually collaborating with other women entrepreneurs to provide better solutions, develop better products and create better communities. That's how we plan to cultivate longevity in business.

Boss Free CEO

She's building a digital empire! And if you're a Boss Free CEO (claim it!) on your way to achieve your first big financial milestone (6-figures perhaps), you get access. 


Who should join? The woman entrepreneur who takes proactive and empowering actions toward her biggest goals. She wants to develop a solid business growth strategy, elevate her sales, and reach her biggest income goals. As a Boss Free CEO, you'll have access to all the templates, workbooks and business planning tools you need for a profitable business and successful 'first year'.

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Be the CEO of  Your One-Woman Business

are you ready to take control

of your business?

Starting Up

Are you starting a new business or in your first year and want to do it right? Are you willing to invest in yourself because you know you've got what it takes to do this.?


Maybe you have an amazing idea, but aren't sure how to get started or you need to organize and get laser focused so you can build a sustainable business and experience tangible "first year" success.


You need to gain clarity about who you are, who you attract and serve, and the impact you'll have on this world. You need a solid strategy and business planning process that will help you cultivate longevity for your business. By creating a valuable core offer, you can ground your business and attract your tribe.

Starting Over

Are you lacking business confidence because you didn't experience the success you wanted to see in the first few years of your business? Are you struggling to hit your first big financial milestone?


Maybe you saw some success, but you never achieved the results you hoped to achieve. 


You need to reestablish clarity about who you serve and the value you provide. You need to re-strategize and create a new plan that will get you focused on the high income actions that grow your business. With the right growth strategy and processes in place you can turn your business around.

7-Step Success Formula to
Blow Your Business Up


You'll receive 7 action steps to implement in your business to blow up your success in the First Year!

ONE Non-Negotiable Goal ONE Dream Customer ONE Core Offer...

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