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We are on a mission to help women empower themselves to stand in their purpose.

meet our founder, Wanauma

Employee to CEO

I'm Wanauma Graham - the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Boss Free Media. When I launched Boss Free Media, it was my mission to provide a canvas for every woman to plan her own success story. When you plan your business with your purpose in mind - from a place of intention and clarity - you can make it happen.

Our digital products are made with the woman entrepreneur in mind, and I am incredibly grateful to see our community grow.

Thank you for being here!

Wanauma's healthy business routines

minimal + productive (business) routine

I rise each day with something positive to think about. I'm intentional about spending an hour, maybe two, with no phone, no email, not listening to messages. It's important for me to set my day up for what I envision it to be. I usually have one of my "Her Mark" journals next to me when I wake up so that I can dump my thoughts and not spend time trying to mentally hold on to them. I focus on positivity and speaking powerful blessings over myself. On the days I have a lot to do, I plan my day with either the Daily Planner Insert or the Seven Figure Sister Business Planner if my business needs to be refocused. Refocusing is important because I want to make sure that each day is aligned with my monthly goals because my monthly goals are aligned with my yearly goal, which is aligned with my purpose. The same 8-hour day that I would give to an employer, I give to myself. I always end my workday with an overview of how my day went. What went well, what didn't, and what I need to include for tomorrow. Post-workday, while it's tempting to work-and-chill because I work from home, I do my best to relax my mind and body. I do something that makes me smile.

boss free routine

Whenever I'm creating a new digital product, I always reach for my copy of our Seven Figure Sister Workbook to ensure that what I'm creating is connected to my core product. It has to make sense; it has to fit. Every product I design is based on my own experience and usually it's me sharing something that I used to get where I am in my business from planning my business to starting, building, and running it. I literally follow my 7-Step Success Formula. On promotional days, I plan my messaging with my customer persona in mind. Everything I do is for her. Once my new product is selling and I receive the first product review, I leverage it on my website, in social media, and during conversations. My reviews help me sell more products, determine what I'm doing good and what I need to improve. It's my social proof.

4 7FS Daily.png

Nº.8 UNDATED Daily Planner Insert

Letter Size Premium Planner Daily Insert, Printable 8.5x11, Ring or Discbound

Used to stay focused + productive. Includes top 3, to-do list, and daily schedule.

1 7FS Workbook.png

Nº.1 The Workbook

Seven Figure Sister Business Planning Workbook, Printable 8.5x11, Ring or Discbound

198 pages that help you plan your business and create your signature core offer.

5 7FS Monthly.png

Nº.2 Business Planner™

Seven Figure Sister Business Planner, Printable 8.5x11, Ring or Discbound

A business planner that helps you manage your business and goals day-to-day.

3 7FS Monthly.png

Seven Figure Sister Collection

Classic + Actionable Planner Inserts, Printable 8.5x11, Ring or Discbound

A collection of premium DIY planner inserts to manage your day-to-day-to day business.

7-Step Success Formula


ONE Non-Negotiable Goal ONE Dream Customer ONE Core Offer...

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