10 Benefits of Journaling to Transform Your Life | Free Journal Worksheet

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When you put your thoughts to paper, it becomes a reality. I truly believe that. Almost everything I've written in my journal has manifested. There’s a certain level of commitment your heart and mind makes when you put your desires on paper.

Journaling is a powerful tool!!

From life journals and travel journals to dream journals and manifestation journals, a journal can be used for any aspect of your life where you want to see growth and improvement.

Daily journaling has become a common practice for me and its at the center of my spiritual practice, along with meditation, walking in nature, eating electrically charged foods, and gratitude.

I journal to...

#1 Boost my mindfulness

#2 Connect with my heart

#3 Focus on growth

#4 Clarify my thinking

#5 Reflect on my life

#6 Set and achieve goals

#7 Relive stress

#8 Boost my creativity

#9 Increase self-awareness

#10 And a really big one...Practice gratitude

A journal is the best place to start creating your ideal life. It accelerates your ability to manifest your goals, be more self-aware, and be more intentional about your day-to-day life. Journaling creates space for you to choose how you want to feel for the day and brings your goals and vision in focus.

Writing has the power to change lives, including yours, when used correctly. To design your irresistible life, you must not only envision your life, but write it out and create your story. There are no hard rules, but to get the best out of journaling I recommend 3 things:

Rule #1 Write honestly and authentically

Rule #2 Write by hand

Rule #3 Be consistent

Bonus: ALWAYS include gratitude. That is the key.

If you're ready to journal your way to your next big manifestation, you have a few options:

You can purchase a journal with blank pages and write whatever you feel. Here are a few that I've purchased...

Best is Yet to Come Blank Journal

Black Lined Notebook/Journal

You can purchase a journal with a layout, prompts and focus questions already included. Here's one that I'd recommend...


This book is a beautiful way to begin your focused manifesting journey.

You can download the daily life journal worksheet below to get started.

Download this free 3-page Daily Life Journal worksheet now!

Daily Life Journal - Wanauma Graham - Bo
Download • 1.14MB

I truly hope today's post helped you in some way. I'm considering creating a daily abundance journal with writing prompts and focus questions already included. If that's something you'd be interested in, let me know below.

Until next time,

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