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10 Habits That Are Making You Feel Stuck in Life

Here are 10 common actions that women who are upleveling their lives should strive to eliminate.

Bad Habit #1: Feeling Sorry for Self

We WILL NOT feel sorry for ourselves.

Feeling sorry for ourselves is a bad habit and a waste of energy. There’s nothing good that can come of it. We're smart enough to know that our circumstances are temporary and we don't need to be reminded that we're the ring master. We tame lions and keep serving up awesomeness with every step forward. Every morning we wake up full of gratitude for what we have and who we are.

New focus: I'm so freakin' awesome.

Bad Habit #2: Playing the Victim

We WILL NOT be victims of any person or circumstance.

Even when we've been slung through the mud, a victim mentality does nothing more than hold us back. We don't have "poor me" attitudes and we aren't allergic to washing our hands of people and situations that negatively affect us. We rush forward with monumental strength.

New focus: I'm strong.

Bad Habit #3: Making Excuses

We WILL NOT make excuses, even if we think they justify our behavior.

We don't make excuses, we make progress, and we know when we lose our excuses we get results. We're not shortsighted or afraid to fail because we know we have what it takes. We take responsibility for our own lives and don't make excuses for ourselves - ever.

New focus: I'm making positive progress.

Bad Habit #4: Hiding Behind Circumstances

We WILL NOT succumb to B.S.

Those hard experiences will be our gold-tipped dagger moving forward. Our crappy B.S. is our secret weapon. Let's own it! We look for (and find) the light in dark places.

New focus: Victory is mine ALWAYS.

Bad Habit #5: Being Close Minded

We WILL NOT be closed off to trying new things.

Who's afraid to consider other people’s perspectives? Who's afraid to step outside of their comfort zone? Who's close-minded? Not us! We explore different perspectives to improve upon our own and we welcome sweet new opportunities. We ask plenty of genuine questions. It's not just smart, it's bad-ass.

New Focus: I am open to new perspectives.

We either build bad habits that undermine our ability to achieve and succeed or good ones that support us as we move toward our goals and dreams.

Bad Habit #6: Being Secluded

We WILL NOT live in a bubble.

We know we must get out there and do, be, and see. Embracing new ideas and trying new things is how we experience growth and expansion. We're a force to be reckoned with because we have a ton of experiences under our belt.

New Focus: I love new experiences!

Bad Habit #7: Seeking Approval

We WILL NOT worry about what other people think about us.

We're raw! We don't have time to worry about people's negative assumptions or unsolicited opinions of what we do with our lives. We love our mentors, counselors, and coaches, but we know we're the decision-makers and we define our own success. We welcome love, care, and constructive criticism, but we have no tolerance - zero, nada, zip - for BS.

New Focus: I am my own person and stand firmly on my own two feet.

Bad Habit #8: Not Valuing Self

We WILL NOT grant other people permission to use or abuse us.

Once and done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Focus: I love myself!

Bad Habit #9: Not Being Myself

We WILL NOT hold back who we really are to please others.

People who work to please others burn out eventually. We're not people-pleasers. We value authenticity and know that we cannot be free without it. Being authentic inspires engagement, creates trust, fosters great relationships - and it just feels so damn good.

New Focus: I'm beautiful and authentic.

Bad Habit #10: Not Celebrating

We WILL NOT hold in our giggles and laughs, even if they come with tears.

Loosen up! Let them out. There is no better life than one filled with love and laughter. We celebrate moments.

New Focus: I'm grateful for every moment.

Now tell me in the comments below...which bad habit will you break this year? Was there one that made you say OH MY GOODNESS THAT'S ME!? Let me know.

All the best,

Wanauma Graham


Wanauma Graham is the founder of BossFreeMedia.com, a hub for self-development content for women entrepreneurs. Wanauma’s books include Totally Unstoppable, Her Mark and a collection of journals and planners.

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