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Despite all that's happening, there's still opportunity in the world. Like you, I'm self-isolating during the Coronavirus epidemic of 2020 looking out the window longing for fresh air, long walks, and patio dining, but I'm making the absolute best of it.

I'm in my warm PJ's, legs stretched out in my bed, laptop laying across my lap, cup of hot tea close at hand, and cooking up as much content as I can for my website, blog, forthcoming book, and courses.

I was just sharing with my sister the other day that I'm used to working from home solo and having as much peace and quiet as I choose, but now that I'm forced to isolate, well, it feels a little different. I probably have a different view about this whole thing than most people. I see this as an opening. A HUGE opportunity to start something you've been wanting to start. It's like the world is on [pause] and I have a GREEN light.

This pandemic has forced us into hermit mode, to get quiet and contemplate our lives. Without the worry and fear of what's going on in the world; let's drop that for just a moment, as you sit quietly in the safety and comfort of your home, cupboards as full as they can be for the moment, hopefully with as much toilet paper as you need, what's next for you? What have you been wanting to do that you just haven't gotten around to because you've been SO busy in the day-to-day grind? What have you been dreaming about?

A lot of people have a lot of time on their hands right now. If you have a long-term goal that's been collecting dust, now is the time to start chipping away at it. If you have a dream you've been wanting to bring to life, now is the time to start putting your dream on paper. If you have an inspiring idea, now is the time to put it to action. If you have a natural gift, ability, or talent that the Universe has been nudging you to put to use, now is the time to go for it. If you've been putting off self-care and improving your health, now is the time to do it.

Here's my list of 55 (some big, some small) things that you can do starting now and throughout the coming weeks to improve yourself and your life for the better.

1. Reach out to family and friends to say hello, check in, and catch up.

2. Make a donation, no matter how small, to your local food bank.

3. Spread positivity online to help inspire calm, not fear.

4. Practice Yoga. Here's my favorite 30 day video series to help get you started.

5. Read a self-help or inspirational book, or two, or three. Here's a few that helped TRULY change my life and a few that were recommended to me:

  • The Secret

  • The Universe Has Your Back

  • The Power of Now

  • The Success Principals

  • The Obstacle is the Way

  • You Are a Badass at Making Money

  • Awaken the Giant Within

  • The Four Agreements

6. Exercise and work toward that toned body and six pack.

7. Take a course on Udemy or Teachable.

8. If you're a mediapreneur, create a course to sell.

9. Create a website for your personal/company brand.

10. Take a home buyers course to get ready for home ownership in 2 years or so. Here’s my course: https://bit.ly/2Ul8KTD. I’m working on making it free for the next 2 weeks.

11. Create a budget and learn about tools and apps to manage your finances. Suggestions:

  • @YNAB or You Need a Budget (great for saving and debt payoff)

  • Intuit Mint (one of the best personal finance apps)

  • Prism (great for bill payment)

  • Personal Capital (for wealth management)

12. Learn about the benefits of meditation and how to meditate.

13. Design a vision board of all the things you want to manifest.

14. Focus on skin care and improving your skin.

15. Focus on hair care, growing and improving the health of your hair.

16. Whiten your teeth.

17. Start a nail growth routine.

18. Do a body detox or cleanse.

19. Spring clean.

20. Clean out and organize your closet.

21. Clean out the fridge and cupboards.

22. Organize the chapters for your book and start WRITING.

23. Sew or crochet something new.

24. Start learning a foreign language.

25. Clean up and organize your electronic files and folders on your laptop.

26. Freshen up your social media profiles.

27. Create a profile or company page on LinkedIn.

28. Learn about investing.

29. Create a savings plan.

30. Pull your credit reports and start repairing your credit.

31. Groom your your furry animals.

32. Start a blog writing about something that interests you, and monetize it.

33. Make a list of positive affirmations that will inspire you forward.

34. Create a life motto for yourself that inspires you. My motto is “Create It”.

35. Clean out your car.

36. Clean out your garage.

37. Create social media channels for your business.

38. Learn about the stock market.

39. Learn about passive income.

40. Learn about the power of herbs and alternative medicines.

41. Find and start listening to a podcast that relates to your BIG goal.

42. Use this time to feed yourself positive information, videos, audio, and books that inspire you and help you move toward your big goals.

43. Start the planning stage of a home-based business doing something that you love.

44. Research careers that align better with your heart.

45. Enroll in online college.

46. Create a YouTube channel and start vlogging. You can monetize it later.

47. Network online to find new opportunities and business contacts.

48. Get your goals written out on paper.

49. If you're an artist, create new work and pieces.

50. Start practicing your talent to become an expert at it.

51. Make jewelry.

52. Practice guitar, piano, or your favorite instrument.

53. Take an online course to get certified at something to get ahead in your company.

54. Stimulate your brain with a brain game: Luminosity, Brain Fitness Pro, Brain Bomb.

55. And of course, spend time bonding with your family.

I'm sure we could come up with 55 more. Feel free to share them below. And, I'm curious, which actions on this list will you take to level up your life?

Wishing you and your family peace of mind and good health.





Wanauma Graham is an author, mentor, and creative entrepreneur. She’s the creator of Your Shitastic Life™ and author of "Hey Girlfriend, Ditch Sugar for 365 Days". Visit HeyGirlfriendSeries.com to learn more.

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