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Inspired by: The Book “Her Mark” by Wanauma Graham

Welcome to the 30 day self-care challenge! We’re going full “self” mode.

You’ve heard the popular and loosely used phrase “practice self-care”. You know all the basics: Eat right, sleep well, exercise, maintain good hygiene, say no, take breaks, read books, and spend quality time with yourself. It’s a collection of good habits.

Beyond daily habits, it’s maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, pursuing your own happiness, and protecting your well-being.

How confident, beautiful, and radiant you feel in your body impacts how you show up for yourself in both your life and business. When you feel good, believe me... it shows.

Self-care is obviously an individual process, but attraction begins on the inside and is then outwardly expressed both energetically and physically. If you want to be more energetically attractive, you can’t skip upgrading your self-care practices.

Self-care can rejuvenate you, but it's more than that. It’s also a form of self-improvement. That improvement can be mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, or social. At Boss Free Media, we focus on self-improvement activities and building a business for yourself is no exception.

As female entrepreneurs we often build businesses around who we are, our values, our passions, our purpose… or at least that’s what we strive for. We want to build businesses that stick, and I believe the best way to do that is to build a business rooted in who you are because you are the foundation on which everything you create is built.

The quality of what you give to yourself is directly correlated with the quality in which you can give to people and activities outside of yourself.

So if you're ready for a reboot and believe 30 days is doable, let’s get started.

Grab a pen and your planner and begin writing in a self-care activity for each of the 30 days. Some self-care activities require a monetary investment, but don’t worry, there’s a mix of 60 self-care activities to choose from or make up your own. You can mix and match self-care activities or pick one thing to do every day based on your area of focus.

60 Self Care Activities to Create a Transformational Self-Care Plan

#1. Take a bubble bath and think about where you want to go in life.

#2. Watch an inspiring YouTube video.

#3. Read a motivating book about success in your aspired line of work.

#4. Journal about your life purpose.

#5. Get some sunshine.

#6. Work at a coffee shop today.

#7. Give yourself a gift today.

#8. Listen to a motivational podcast on Spotify.

#9. Invest in your self-development (book, course, workbook, mentor, etc.).

#10. Make a list of your talents and how they can be used in your business.

#11. Read a book to improve something about yourself.

#12. Join a book club for female entrepreneurs.

#13. Go for a walk.

#14. Identify a new habit that you want to cultivate.

#15. Listen to a podcast about building self-confidence.

#16. Journal about your future business.

#17. Avoid negative content today.

#18. Have a lunch break with a friend or mentor who does what you aspire to do.

#19. Get rid of your junk.

#20. Clean and organize your desk.

#21. Write the first 3 pages of your new book (there’s one in you).

#22. Create a daily “me time” routine.

#23. Turn your phone off for 2 hours.

#24. Practice sitting with your spine straight to improve your posture.

#25. Increase your rates or prices by 10%.

#26. Get a life purpose coach.

#27. Confidently promote yourself all day today.

#28. Think about where you want to be one year from now.

#29. Stretch your body for 15 minutes.

#30. Write your dreams on sticky notes and pace them around your home.

#31. Follow someone on social media who is successful at doing the work you aspire to.

#32. Workout to ease any stress you’re feeling.

#33. Learn about time management to get more out of your time (most valuable asset).

#34. Make a list of your top 5 priorities in life.

#35. Prioritize peace over hard work today.

#36. Find a supportive network of women to join.

#37. Read a book about cultivating an abundance mindset.

#38. Journal about your higher calling in life.

#39. Actively voice your opinions today with compassion and grace.

#40. Journal about your dream business.

#41. Ask for help even if you believe you don’t need it.

#42. Celebrate your accomplishments (champagne toast, flowers, balloons… everything).

#43. Say no to something you really don’t want to do.

#44. Eliminate what drains you.

#45. Feed your brain positivity all day.

#46. Find an accountability partner.

#47. Get a workbook that can help you organize your thoughts and goals.

#48. Go off grid for one day, rest, and think about your life purpose.

#49. Delegate a task.

#50. Listen to a song that inspires you.

#51. Create a Boss Maintenance Day (mani, pedi, brows, etc.).

#52. Have a massage to clear your head and relieve stress.

#53.Journal about your God-given gifts.

#54. Make a list of personal growth goals.

#55. Create a daily mantra that reminds you to care for self.

#56. Start a gratitude journal.

#57. Attend a workshop or webinar.

#58. Join a LinkedIn group for entrepreneur women.

#59. Get a woman’s health check-up.

#60. Create a life plan. Check out this workbook.

You’re going to feel really happy in a month or two for the work that you do right now, so don’t give up. Focus, focus, focus! Focus on yourself, your growth, and focus on achieving what you’ve set out to achieve. Don’t get distracted. Being devoted is going to pay off for you.

Building a self-care routine that you can integrate into your daily life benefits you and everyone you touch. It’s a sign of courage, strength, and empowerment that can be felt throughout your life, business and social circles.

Enjoy your growth!




Wanauma Graham is a “do what you love” enthusiast and author of Ditch Sugar for 365 Days, Totally Unstoppable, Her Mark, and a collection of self-improvement journals and planners. She’s the founder and creator of BossFreeMedia.com, a hub for self-made women (…in the making). Her aim is to help women learn to master the confident woman's journey, turn hardships into victories, and create a new infrastructure for self-growth. Visit her on Facebook: facebook.com/wanaumagraham.


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