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Your heart is more than an incubator of love. We really underestimate its purpose. It’s the very thing that guides you. It’s your compass.

Here’s what I mean:

A compass tells you which direction you’re going. You can see the little arrow pointing N, E, S or W. You can instantly see if you’re going in the right or wrong direction towards your destination.

That’s the focus, right? … Getting to your destination. And knowing how to get there is critical.

Your heart however, does the exact same thing, but it uses “feeling” instead of an arrow.

Your heart allows you to FEEL your way towards your destination. Your destination could be to become a healer, spiritual guide, coach, motivational speaker, author, traveler, or philanthropist. Anything that you want to accomplish really.

Whatever your destination, the bottom line is: Your heart guides you by alerting you to whether or not something (or someone) is good for you and can lead you to your destination.

If you’re heading in the wrong direction, it will alert you with a feeling of uneasiness, unfulfillment, unbalance, or unhappiness. All of the ‘UNs’ of life that I spoke about in Totally Unstoppable. You’ll FEEL off track.

If you’re headed in the right direction, you’ll feel happy, fulfilled, excited, accomplished, satisfied, uplifted, and inspired. You’ll FEEL like you’re headed in the right direction and you’ll get little nudges of inspiration along the way.

Try listening to your heart more. Pay attention to how you feel, even when it’s subtle. That’s SO important.

When you get a sense that something isn’t leading you in the right direction or is leading you away from the work you’re here to do or the person you believe you were created to be, have the courage to say no. These are dead-ends and blockages. You’ll lose your way if you ignore it.

And say YES to the things and people that allow and encourage you to feel more like your true self and support you in doing the things you’re inspired to do and accomplish. That creates an open road to your destiny.

Use your heart as a compass. It will either lead you away from opportunities that don't fit or to opportunities that align with your destination.

I hope this helped you in some way. Feel free to pass this message on to someone that may benefit from hearing it. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to pay attention and refocus.

xo, Wanauma

P.S. If you really want to refocus, get a copy of my book Totally Unstoppable. It's available in paperback and Kindle. And please, leave a review if it helps you in some way.



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