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Boss Habits to Put to Work in 2020

Aside from cultivating self-discipline, feeling accomplished, and being more intentional about your dreams, good habits lead you toward your goals. The more you establish good habits, the more success you'll have in your life and the more you'll increase the quality of it. They are the tools you need to gain focus and live your FULLEST life.

This is for all the bosses out there—aspiring bosses, entrepreneurial bosses, lifestyle bosses, and manifestation bosses!

Let's talk about boss habits that you can put to work right now (if you haven't already) that will have you looking like a second time lottery winner.

I won't pretend like building new habits is easy. Especially if you want to stick with them for the long-term. Thankfully, you have the freedom to choose and if you've been with me for a while, you know your internal compass and sparks of inspiration will guide you to do the things that make you feel good, happy, and fulfilled.

Here are 8 good habits that can tip you over to the positive side of life:

Love Yourself

We've all heard this before—love yourself. It's not a cliche, it's an absolute must if you want to be happy. Practice self-care and consider your feelings in all things. No more putting yourself on hold. Do what you love, be what you want to be, go where you want to go. Its okay to love yourself. Spoil YOU like you would want someone else to in 2020.

Support Each Other

When you give support, you get support. Share in someone's success, celebrate their promotion, toast to their decision to relocate or quit their job to live out their dreams, congratulate them when they launch something new, and tell them how lucky they are that something ended to make room for something new and more amazing. When you uplift others, you uplift yourself. Be uplifted in 2020.

Be Grateful

Gratitude will unlock the flood gate to your abundance in 2020. Not only does gratitude make you feel good, it puts an order in to the Universe that you want more of the stuff you love and appreciate.

Communication Etiquette

I love people who are on top of their communication. They respond to emails within 24 hours, return calls same day even if its to say "I'll get back to you on that", and actually answer their phone when it rings. People appreciate good communication and timely replies. Procrastinating and ghosting is not okay in 2020.

Morning Routine

Think about a morning routine (here's my morning routine) that can help you get in the mood for success, put you in receptivity mode, and keep your positive energy flowing. Is it to rise early to go to the gym or yoga class? Is it to start your morning with meditation? Is it to have breakfast and a cup of coffee on the balcony while you enjoy the view? Your morning routine should be perfectly tailored for you.

Make Decisions

You make decisions everyday that you think were made because you were pressured by a person or situation. Let's be honest: it was your decision to allow yourself to be pressured wasn't it? Make decisions and not excuses in 2020.


You don't have to do what I did and adopt a minimalist capsule wardrobe and totally transform your life, but you can start small and just declutter your desk and drawers. Decluttering not only clears your space, but it clears your mind too. Feel good in your space in 2020.

Challenge Yourself

If you want 2020 to be bigger and better than 2019, you're gong to have to challenge yourself. Do something you've never done or something you've been wanting to do. Maybe it's learn a new language or start a YouTube channel. Whatever it is, it should cause expansion and growth in your life, and that'll be a reason to celebrate.

Building good habits take time, but it's worth the effort because you'll reap the benefits for years to come. Remember: you can't change your life without changing.


Wanauma Graham is an author, mentor, and creative entrepreneur. She’s the creator of Your Shitastic Life™ and author of "Hey Girlfriend, Ditch Sugar for 365 Days". Visit HeyGirlfriendSeries.com to learn more.

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