Getting to Your Wish Fulfillment (A Special Message)

It usually comes in a way we didn't expect, but it comes. You may have in your mind an expectation for how you'll achieve whatever it is you're after and I think most of us want it our way and we want it—now. But the Universe may have something different in mind.

I'm in the process of wrapping up a book titled Your Shitastic Life (Correction 2020: Book is titled "Totally Unstoppable"). While I'm self-isolating in my Dallas apartment, like many people around the world during the Coronavirus pandemic, I'm editing a chapter, possibly the most critical one in the book. I couldn't be more comfortable. I'm sitting up in my bed, legs stretched out with my laptop across my lap, gazing out the window thinking about all the reasons why I have to nail this chapter. It focuses on understanding why the CRAZY challenging life experiences that knock us way down, pin us in place, and keep us stuck happens, and of course, how to get unstuck so that we can move forward towards our dreams and fulfilling our destiny. I became inspired to share a message with you today.

The Universe is ALWAYS helping and conspiring behind the scenes to get you where you need (and want) to go. You may become impatient or think The Universe isn't helping, but divine timing may require delays. Putting the right situations in place, placing the right people on your path, putting you in the exact position you need to be in to flow nice and easy downstream—all in perfect timing,

The Universe knows the best route for you to take. Instead of taking the easiest and quickest route possible, like maybe you want to do, the Universe is having you go this way, over the bridge, through the forest, past the willow trees, around the giant rock, past the big hairy spider (to face your fears), and then down the stream.

If you take the route the Universe is guiding you to take, you're going to learn a lot more about yourself and be more prepared, wiser, stronger, and more courageous. You'll receive your new start and wish fulfillment SO MUCH BETTER than if you got there quick, fast, and in a hurry. As with most things in life, quick is not always better. If you get there too soon, you may not have the knowledge you need to sustain it. Think about all the lottery winners who go broke within 3 to 5 years after receiving a windfall. You need a solid foundation. A slow and steady process.

If you're challenged by trying to achieve a BIG goal, if it seems obstacles keep getting in the way of realizing your dreams, if it seems hardships continue to surface, surrender to the experience and let the Universe guide you on your journey. Your journey may hatch out some truths about yourself, help you release old baggage and remove obstacles (old beliefs, people, and systems) that will propel you to your wish fulfillment. You'll have learned everything you need to learn to exist fully and thrive in your new abundant destination.

Wishing you all the best in your journey. Take care. Bye for now.





Wanauma Graham is an author, mentor, and creative entrepreneur. She’s the creator of Your Shitastic Life™ and author of "Hey Girlfriend, Ditch Sugar for 365 Days". Visit to learn more.