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There is a reason I call the work that I do "spiritual work". It's because I'm doing the work that I was spiritually led to do. I’m doing the work I believe I was created to do. However, my blog does not reflect that.

I started my blog almost 3 years ago. It’s been an off and on love affair. Growth has been slow and I realize it’s because I hadn’t discovered my voice with the blog. I struggled with the primary topic I wanted to focus on. I needed to get “clear”.

I was not able to fully embrace the topics I’ve been blogging about because they were missing a major element, my spirituality. That goes against my belief that everything, EVERYTHING, you do should reflect who you are. That’s what I was missing. My spirituality gives me life and it should show through my work and be heard in my message.

When we’re not living in our truth, we can feel it. It feels like unfulfillment or a severed connection between our physical and spiritual selves. The things we try to do won’t work and the things we try to create won’t come to life when we’re not immersed in our true selves.

So again, I am shifting.

I still want women to discover their independence and have the courage to start a heart-based business utilizing their natural gifts and talents and feel confident being who they were made to be, but more importantly I want them to realize their power, recognize the divine feminine energy that flows through them, and embrace their ability to create.

If that is something you’re interested in, I invite you to stick around, become an active reader and member of the community. Like, comment, and share to ignite and build a supportive community.

Cheers to change!

Change is good.

May the love of The Most High cover you wherever you’re at and make you full. May you be healed. May you be enlightened. May you be divinely guided and protected. May you be empowered with your gifts and your feminine energy be multiplied 1000 fold! May you be charged with courage. May you do the work you were created to do. May you be who you were created to be.

Powerfully yours,




Wanauma Graham is the founder of BossFreeMedia.com, a hub for self-development content for women entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be. Wanauma’s books include Totally Unstoppable, Her Mark and a collection of journals and planners.

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