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As female entrepreneurs and women, we want to do EVERYTHING when it comes to our business. We want to create it, build it, promote it, grow it, and do all the stuff behind the scene that keeps it in motion, even when that means sleepless nights.

Women in business quickly realize that although we may be amazingly brilliant at a lot of things, often times we're running our businesses solo and being a Jane of all trades may work for the short-term to get up and running, but eventually burnout will catch up to us.

And honestly, when you skimp on something important, you may find yourself paying more to fix it than you would have if you did it right from the beginning.

There's one area where I believe you can't skimp (absolutely not) and that's on the tech stuff that drives your online presence, like your website. Your website is your potential client's or customer's go to place. Its your hub for all things YOU. It tells them about you, explains your services, showcases your products, links to your social media, and is their destination for information.

And because a website is one of your most prized assets as a business owner, I believe every female entrepreneur should have one.

If you launched a new business or you're looking to transform your online presence, we have a collection of beautiful and affordable website templates for my BFM ladies. If you're a female entrepreneur, blogger, or creative who is ready to reach your dream clients, a template will help you get started quickly and save you some serious coin.

You can check out the templates in the Boss Free Media Etsy shop, but I'd like to introduce you to a few of my most loved (and exclusive!) templates here.

She's a Beauty WIX Website Template

She's a Beauty is an all-inclusive, feminine, but edgy WIX website template for makeup artists, cosmetic industry pros, and women entrepreneurs. Learn More | Live Demo

ChicBoss WIX Website Template

ChicBoss is an all-inclusive, feminine chic WIX website template for consultants, coaches, and women entrepreneurs. Learn More | Live Demo

Sweetie WIX Website Template

Sweetie is an all-inclusive, creative and fun WIX website template for the cake artist, cupcake baker, candy maker, confections bakery, and woman entrepreneur. Learn More | Live Demo

Brenda Love WIX Website Template

Brenda is a classic Wix Website Template for the interior designer, design consultant, plant designer, or woman entrepreneur. Learn More | Live Demo

Glowing Beauty WIX Website Template

Glowing Beauty is a sophisticated Wix Website Template for beauty gurus, makeup industry pros, skin therapists, or women entrepreneurs. Learn More | Live Demo

What you'll get with your Wix Website Template is everything you'll need to launch a fully functional website for your business. These templates are exclusive to BFM. Your template may include:

  • An online store

  • A blog

  • Ability to offer paid plans

  • Ability for clients to book a service

  • A pop-up subscribe form

  • A contact form

and more!

I hope you find these templates helpful and wish you success in your new venture!




Wanauma Graham is a “do what you love” enthusiast and author of Ditch Sugar for 365 Days, Totally Unstoppable, Her Mark, and a collection of self-improvement journals and planners. She’s the founder and creator of, a hub for self-made women (…in the making). Her aim is to help women learn to master the confident woman's journey, turn hardships into victories, and create a new infrastructure for self-growth. Visit her on Facebook:

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