How to GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER with 10 Small Steps

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It's been a couple of years since going solo, and I can say my life feels A LOT less chaotic these days. I'm no longer running around trying to fit into a lifestyle that values busyness and hyperactivity. My true nature is calm and purposeful and now I have days to match.

All of that busyness can get in the way of staying mindful of where your progression in life is falling short and keeping organized, especially in the areas where it matters most like your finances. The more organized your life is, the easier it will be for you to focus on and accomplish your goals.

If you feel stuck, disorganized, chaotic or out of control, these 10 tips will help you GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.

1. Make your bed!!

Making your bed makes a huge difference in your day. A clean, tidy space puts you in a positive mood and supports an uncluttered mind so that you can get focused. It’s your first small accomplishment. It fosters consistency, discipline, and good habits. How you do the little things, is how you do the big things.

2. Organize your space.

Wherever you spend the most time in your day, keep it clean and organized. It physically helps your mind stay organized as well. A cluttered space is indicative of a cluttered mind. Let’s get all that junk cleared out so we can think freely and send all those positive vibes out to the Universe.

3. Organize your finances.

Your finances play a huge part in your day to day activities. Know how much money you make and how much you spend. If you’re spending over budget or have an opportunity to save more (or experience more), you’ll see it. Set the mood: light a candle, play some mood music, grab a coffee (or glass of wine), and have a pamper day for your finances. You should be able to feel good when you talk about money because you know you’ve got your stuff together. If your finances are messy, your life is messy.

4. Replenish yourself.

Replenish yourself each day. Listen to an audio book or a podcast that will help you improve some area of your life. Soak in some new knowledge that makes you feel more full and powered up. Follow-up with a long bath or walk to feel rejuvenated. To give to others, you have to first give to yourself. You can't give, on empty!

Here are 3 of My Favorite Things to Do That Power Me Up on a Daily Basis

Pump yourself full of good stuff.

5. Journal your goals.

This is a BIG ONE: Write your goals down on paper and put deadlines on them. To turn those dreams of yours into reality you need to take bitesize actionable and inspired steps toward them. When you put something in writing and you can see it instead of just think about it, it affects how you act. You're likely to be more action-oriented. Your dreams will forever remain dreams if you never take action towards them. Success Babes are dreamers AND do-ers.

6. Prep yourself the night before.

When you prep yourself the night before, your days become less stressful and you move through your mornings with greater ease. Lay out your clothes (yes, like your momma use to make you do when you were a kid in school), write out your to-do list, and even plan your breakfast.

7. Surround yourself with growth-minded people.

If journaling your goals was HUGE, this is MONUMENTAL. If you’re trying to elevate and do something great with your life, you’re not going to be able to do that with a bunch of people surrounding you that see no value in growth. Your environment impacts your life in a very quiet way. You don’t even know it’s happening if you’re not aware. If you hang out with unproductive people, it is likely that you will be unproductive. Set boundaries with yourself (and others) and protect your energy. Surround yourself with positive people who embrace personal development and have strong values. Their values don’t have to match yours, but they should complement your growth and have a positive impact, not only on their lives, but on your life too. Break free and get yourself a new tribe who are just as ambitious as you or as ambitious as you want to be.

8. Get yourself an accountability partner.

Partner up with someone who is designing and/or living their dream life. It absolutely cannot be someone who thinks you following your dreams or starting a business is silly or a pipe dream. It should not be someone who can’t see multiple streams of income or passive income as something desirable and doable. It should be someone who can hold you to a higher standard of living and help you stretch and grow. It should be someone who believes in their own ability to create a life that fulfills them (and they're not afraid to go for it) because that belief will support you too. You don’t have to assign them the title “accountability partner”, they can be a friend, business partner, or family member. It just needs to be someone who’s getting down to business. Someone who you can share your dreams and aspirations with.

9. Get out and get some exercise.

Don't skip on this. There is no leveling up in life without fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity. They'll help you release happy hormones, which serves you in achieving your goals.

10. BONUS!!

Practice gratitude!!! Practice saying thank you anytime you see something or hear something that uplifts you. The more gratitude you have for the good things in your life, the more good things in your life you'll have—and receive.

Those are the 10 small steps you can begin taking today to change your energy and get your life together. As you grow in positivity, you will attract more positivity.

Cheers to change and growth!!


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