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How to Turn Struggle into Ease

Whatever your definition of success, one thing is certain, it takes perspective.

We all struggle. Whether it be emotionally, financially, creatively, spiritually, or physically, we've mastered the art of the struggle. While today's message is being delivered to YOU, it's also a reminder to ME. If not for my struggles, it is probable that I would not be using my voice or building a platform to inspire others. My struggles refined me and led me right into my purpose.

While many people see struggle as misfortune, I say it’s just the opposite. Life brings contrast for the purpose of enlightenment and expansion. The contrast between struggle and ease is much like the contrast between dark and light. If it were not for the dark, it is possible you would not be able to see a spark of light. And as I always say: it only takes one spark to start a fire.

So, how do you turn struggle into ease? How do you go from feeling defeated, like your constant paddling is getting you nowhere, to feeling like you're in the groove and flowing downstream?

I happen to believe that it takes perspective. I know this might ruffle some feathers, but nothing is a struggle unless you BELIEVE it is. Struggling does not mean failing. It means:

  • You’re learning

  • You’re preparing for the next challenge

  • You’re being strengthened

  • You’re achieving something big

  • You’re building confidence

  • You’re being groomed for the role of teacher

  • You’ve got your big girl panties on

  • You’re being forced to take a better path

  • You’re being filled with appreciation

  • You’re being taught independence and self-love

  • You’re being led to your destiny

Every great success had some kind of struggle to get there. I've experienced struggle and ease in my pursuit of wanting to do something great with my time here. I've experienced homelessness and I've experienced living in a beautiful, luxury high-rise apartment. Some days I write and the most beautiful and perfect words just flow and other days my words are tied up in a gigantic knot and I can't seem to get any out. One thing is for sure, my struggle has always been temporary.

It is easy to forget just how powerful and resilient we can be in times of struggle. Confusion and feelings of helplessness can sometimes narrow our perspective and make recovery and bounce-back seem nearly impossible. But, in the midst of any struggle or crisis, there is ALWAYS hope and opportunity.

It is in our moments of struggle that we find pleasure in simple things: a smile from a stranger, music, nature, quiet, art, humor, a pleasant smell, a beautiful view, a clear night sky, people watching, compliments, relaxation. Life is FILLED and overflowing with simple pleasures.

Perspective is the most powerful way to turn your struggle into ease. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a situation read Your Setback Was a Divine Detour and Intervention. That was last month's post. Maybe it will help put things into perspective.

Your struggle is carrying the opportunity for you to learn, grow, believe, and eventually pass the torch. It's an opportunity to light up your heart and brain like the 4th of July. So hold your head up through the struggle. You never know who sees your spark of light and is being inspired by you from afar. Never stop smashing the obstacles that get in your way as you're headed towards the passion-filled life that you're creating for yourself. Persist if it feels right. Embrace the challenges. Ask for help. Work on eliminating negative beliefs, behaviors, and people. Rest when you need to. Reset.

If Oprah asked me what inspired me to write my next book, I would begin with: it was the struggle.

Have an amazing week!

xo, Wanauma


Wanauma Graham is an author and mediapreneur. She’s the creator of Your Shitastic Life™ and author of "Hey Girlfriend, Ditch Sugar for 365 Days". Visit HeyGirlfriendSeries.com to learn more.

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