I Quit Sugar and THIS is What Happened | Quitting Sugar Was Life Changing!

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First, let me just say, skinny isn't synonymous with health.

I was very slender, I didn't gain weight (no matter how HARD I tried), and I ate food that I considered healthy like grilled chicken and fish, vegetables, and I LOVED salads.

But yet, there I was, battling against sugar addiction with a triple-digit sugar intake.

When I quit sugar I made learning about the dangers of sugar a priority. I discovered that the more I learned the more I understood what had been happening to me since childhood. It all made sense so I chose to quit cold turkey.

When I quit sugar I entirely changed the way I ate, how I chose foods, and how I shopped for groceries.

I learned how to identify sugar on food labels and how to make better choices.

I no longer ate processed foods, including anything in a package, can, or jar, and avoided the inner food aisles of the grocery store COMPLETELY.

No way was I going over there!

Once I mapped out my journey, teased my brain, tossed my junk, and refilled my fridge, I was officially a sugar free babe, living a sugar free lifestyle, and I've been sugar free for 7 years now and counting.

I did it!!

After 7 years, I'm still 99% sugar free.

Not only did I quit sugar, I reaped some AMAZING benefits too.

The Benefits

By quitting sugar I literally changed my life.

My sugar addiction symptoms began to fade out of my life starting the very first few weeks. It wasn't just the usual things you hear like... I felt better and my waistline with a little extra padding got smaller.

No, it was BIG life changing things like I had more energy to do things beyond just working 8 hour days, my mind was more clear, my vision improved, and my melanin-rich skin glowed.

Those benefits alone were certainly worth quitting, but it was the increase in energy that came from getting more quality sleep and eliminating insomnia that tipped me over into this new life.

Instead of listing all the benefits I experienced in this post, I'll focus on my BIGGEST win, which is my new life as an entrepreneur. HUGE, I know! I KNOW!!!

I felt so much better after quitting sugar and over time that newfound energy gave me the boost I needed. It was the spark that triggered positive action towards fulfilling my dreams.

I was no longer stuck in that sticky, stagnant energy that was keeping me bogged down. Gone were the days of feeling so exhausted that I hated getting out of bed in the morning or working a full day on someone else's dream and not having the energy to work on my own.

I now had mental clarity (had no idea what that even felt like) and the energy to follow-through on the commitments I made to myself.

Spiritually, I was in an amazing space because I believe quitting sugar and changing the way I nourished my body allowed my energy to flow more freely.

I'm so grateful I made the decision to quit sugar. I'm living proof: when you feel good within, it transcends all areas of your life.

If you're looking to make a change, my advice to you is to DO IT. Do it!! Inspiration is no accident. It's a little nudge from the Universe to get you to take action.

I hate to sound like a walking billboard, but if you need help I got you.

Whether you're on the fence about quitting sugar, you've already made a solid decision to quit sugar, or you're already on the journey and could use some reassurance and stick-with-it-ness, grab a copy of my book Ditch Sugar for 365 Days.

The book is 100% no non-sense, 100% relatable, and 100% motivational if you want to quit sugar and change your life like I did. It's not just a book, a 365 day no sugar challenge, and it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

Ditch Sugar for 365 Days is ideal for...

Sugar addicts

HARD CORE sugar addicts

Sugar addicts in denial

People who have no clue they're a sugar addict (LOL)


Individuals who simply want to improve their health (and life).

Help for You

I was honored to be part of the 2020 Kick Sugar Summit as a guest author and success story. The event was hosted by Florence Christopher and Aimee Anderson, two AMAZING women.

It was a 7-day virtual conference with more than 40 speakers from around the globe talking about the toxic effects of sugar and the benefits of eliminating it from your diet.

I was interviewed about my experience with sugar and how it impacted my life. Looking back at that interview, I certainly wish I had shared that even if you're on a budget, you can still make healthier choices by swapping out one unhealthy food for a healthier choice.

Although I'm all for making a decision, putting a stamp on it, and quitting cold-turkey, it doesn't have to be an all or nothing deal. I would really love an interview do-over.

You may or may not be interested, but just so you know, I'll be sure to update this post at a later date with a clip from that video. In case you want to see it. ;-)

If you believe sugar is an issue in your life or you just want to live a freer, healthier and happier life like we do here at BossFreeMedia.com, I invite you to join the 365 Day No Sugar Challenge.

Have you quit sugar? How did it help you? What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about quitting sugar? Share your insights below.

Until next time,


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