My Time Management Strategies for Freestyle Living

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The biggest benefit of creative entrepreneurship is freedom - for me at least. The freedom to wake up at 10 AM, work remotely on a sunny patio, and schedule my work week in any way and anywhere I wish.

Despite having having the freedom to work any amount of hours I'd like to work, time management is still a key component of getting sh*t done. I still have to schedule meetings and phone calls, meet deadlines, identify opportunities, and give each project the time and attention it deserves. Time is my greatest resource so I have to manage it well.

I limit the number of projects and the types of projects I'll take on. I enjoy living at my own pace so I make sure that how I earn money to play fits into my life seamlessly.

There's so much creativity going on that I schedule everything. I utilize and rely on a calendar and appointment system. If someone tells me something or makes a request, I get it on paper or in my calendar immediately. My rule of thumb is within two minutes, so as not to risk forgetting important details.

I work smart so that I don't overwork. By limiting the projects I take on to a minimum of 2 hour time blocks, I'm not scattered between small, tedious 30 minute tasks and my calendar is much cleaner. I've also learned how to tell if something is an amazing opportunity or just a distraction I’ll regret later.

Automation is like listening to live jazz over dinner and drinks. Freestyle living works for me because I automate many of my tasks. I'm against spending manual laborious hours to get things done. The tools I use to automate processes are Mail Chimp, Hub Spot, Zapier, and Drift.

It's important for me to remember, as I conceptualize new projects and grab new opportunities, that my purpose for choosing to be a creative entrepreneur is to be free to explore life on a daily basis however I wish. I ensure that the decisions I make align with my overall vision.

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Wanauma Graham is a creative and lifestyle entrepreneur, author of "Totally Unstoppable", and creator of She's dedicated to helping women work through fear and do something they’ve been inspired to do.

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