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New company. New Blog. New Beefed-Up Mission.

New ventures are always exciting. Every entrepreneur that I know gets off on creating something new, whether it be a new idea, product, or service. For many years my quiet hobby was conceptualizing a business, creating a website, logo, and creative content, tucking it away, and quickly moving on to the next project.

A new company: I'm sure you saw the logo drenched in sunshine, but I've officially launched Your Shitastic Life™. Why? Well, I wanted a self-improvement hub to provide tips, advice, and wisdom about getting out of stagnation and into a forward-moving, kick-ass, purpose driven life. I definitely pull from my spirituality. I also share what I've enjoyed about being a creative entrepreneur.

Your Shitastic Life means life so sh*tty, it's fantastic. Risqué, isn't it? But so worth it. I'm encouraging others to see life from an entirely new perspective; take experiences that are just plain sh*tty head-on and identify the opportunities of growth and expansion they present. 

A new blog: I enjoy writing, and if I can write while helping someone else learn something new, embrace a new idea, or get motivated, all the better. In my new blog, I'm transparent. Not semi-transparent - I'm talking about open and raw. Why? Because I have a lot to share about life. My life has been no easy journey, but at the same time it's been enlightening and amazing. There could be that one thing I say that helps change someone's life. I'm all for it.

A new beefed-up mission: If you didn't know, my mission was: Get Better At It, Whatever It Is. That hasn't changed, but I've shifted my focus to #JourneyToFREE. I'm now focusing more on gaining freedom through spirituality, entrepreneurship and freestyle living. Being free with work, with living, with being human. It's an exciting venture, I can hardly contain myself.

Is it even possible to find stability within freedom? My ultimate vision for all people is to have the ability to explore life freely; not merely existing to survive, but existing to live, be creative, and inspire.

I want to grow Your Shitastic Life™ into one of the biggest self-development hubs for spiritually connected creative entrepreneurial women and others who dare to live a Shitastic Life.

Follow along as I build, create, and post.

All the Best,



Wanauma Graham is a creative entrepreneur and creator of Your Shitastic Life.

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