Action | No More Excuses! You Can Improve Your Life

Excuses are one of the biggest limitations in moving forward in life. It's a way for you to justify the condition of your situation, circumstance, or behavior.

They're used either to defend your behavior or postpone taking action.

If you're making excuses, all you're doing is handicapping yourself and causing your own stagnancy. You can turn any number of excuses into a blame game that leaves you stuck right where you are. Feet dried in cement. It may sting a little to admit that you're making excuses for yourself, but there's no shame in it. I've made a number of excuses too:

  • I didn't have enough money.

  • I didn't have enough time.

  • It wasn't perfect enough.

  • I wasn't ready yet. (Even after months of planning and getting ready.)

As humans, we're good at discovering all the reasons why we procrastinate and put tasks and projects on hold. We excel at pointing blame towards situations, circumstances, and people that are currently challenging us.

No matter where you are on the path to becoming your best self, there will be people, events and circumstances that will try to discourage you and knock you off your path. You go through those circumstances because life has a way of putting situations in your life that will shape your mind and whole understanding so that you can reach beyond what you imagine for yourself.

The truth is: You need those experiences to inspire you forward. Instead of using them as excuses, you are encouraged to use them as fuel.

Every experience in life is a one-on-one coaching session!

Use each experience, no matter how crappy, as a learning tool. I can't dodge imperfect experiences no matter how hard I try. And neither can you. Sh*t happens. Accept challenges as a part of life. I'm not saying EXPECT challenges, I'm saying accept challenges. Those people getting in your way aren't doing it intentionally, in most cases. They simply have a limited amount of perception. They don’t see what you see.

Look at the overall reason why you’re here right now. You have something to fulfill.

Once you become aware that you're making an excuse on your way to that fulfillment, consider a better, more empowering option. Self-awareness will curb your excuses.

Focus on what you've learned in your one-on-one's with life. When you come face to face with the next excuse, you won't be so stumped. You'll work your way through it with a bit more ease.

No more excuses.

Take ONE action towards your goal TODAY.

  • You want a new body. Get your first workout out of the way TODAY!

  • You want to move to a new city or country. Start researching your new place TODAY!

  • You want to save money to buy a house. Put your first $100 in a homebuying savings account TODAY!

  • You want to be a life coach. Research and select your certification course TODAY!

  • You want to write a book. Get one page of thoughts on paper TODAY!

  • You want to start a business. Take the first step TODAY!

It is important to make the best out of every situation, and at the very least, take the first step toward something you want. Whether you gently press GO or smash the START button, you have to get past the excuses and delays and make a move.

I'm curious, what excuses have you made that you KNOW kept you from doing something you deep down wanted to do? Share it below. Someone else might identify with it.

Until next time.


Wanauma Graham is a creative and lifestyle entrepreneur, author of "Totally Unstoppable", and creator of She's dedicated to helping women work through fear and do something they’ve always wanted to do.