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When I first started my business, I did what most people do.

I set things up as best I knew how, launched and hoped for the best.

It’s how we all start, right?

After a while, I realized that the same few problems kept cropping up. I was struggling to experience a cash flow above and beyond covering my basic needs.

The business was producing. I had a steady flow of clients. I was paying my rent and bills on time. I had food in the fridge. Every week, I treated myself to a day of pampering, dining, and sometimes a gift for a job well done.

I guess you can say I was surviving very well. It was what I was used to. I was conditioned by surviving and making ends meet.

But I wanted more.

I wanted to create a healthy and sustainable relationship with money. I wanted to experience a steady overflow of money and create an opportunity to build a foundation for wealth.

And it wasn’t just money that I wanted. I wanted to thrive in my life, not survive.

Sound familiar?

I wanted to experience abundance the way it was meant to be experienced.

And I didn’t want to struggle or sell my soul to get there.


  • Saying yes out of desperation or financial need, when deep down I meant no.

  • Doing things I wasn’t inspired to do.

  • Not being authentic in my work.

  • Ignoring my heart.

Absolutely not.

I had a decision to make: Continue to play it safe and do what was working for me to survive and not risk losing that perceived 'security' or do something I really wanted to do and dare to see what was possible for me.

I was making progress in my business the way it was, but my heart and intentions for my life were trying to align with my actions (the way I lived and worked).

I was in limbo. I had one leg in survival mode and the other planted firmly in the desire to thrive. I chose the word abundance to guide me, even though my life at that moment felt the opposite.

My abundant thought was: I’m going to take a risk on myself and get what I want because I want to give and receive more in life – I want it, I can have it, and I deserve it – and it’s totally possible. There’s more than enough abundance. And I want others around me to have it too.

So I asked the Universe for a solid foundation on which to build.

In the last post, we wrote our personal mission statements. If you missed out on that, head over to that post and complete the exercise. We'll be using it as a blueprint moving forward.

In this post, we’ll work through 1 of 3 requirements to build a solid foundation on which to realize our missions.

And I'm not talking about building a flimsy shack that can be blown away by the wind. I'm talking about laying a foundation and building something that’s going to stand strong for many, many years to come.

Let's do it.

Requirement #1: Commit

The first requirement of building a solid foundation to realize your big goal or mission is to commit.

Commit to the idea.

Commit to the business.

Commit to the fitness regimen.

Commit to the beauty regimen.

Commit to the spiritual practice.

Commit to the move.

Commit to your recovery.

Commit to your plans.

Commit to YOURSELF. (God is directing you.)

Your commitment sets the intention. It sort of locks it in place.

Being committed to your goals can be challenging, especially during difficult times. It's not about forcing yourself to achieve a goal, it's about creating goals that will help you fulfill your mission in life and taking inspired action (work, exercises, rituals, routines) to fulfill it.

Being committed is part of growing and transcending to the next level.

Your personal mission statement helped you find the areas of commitment in your life. It helped you simplify what you focus on and establish a clearer direction and purpose.

What are you committed to?


"My new life begins today."

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am finally beginning to live the life I was destined to live. I refuse to allow anything to stand in my way. Today is the day it happens!

Today is the day that everything changes for the better.

I understand the value of each day. I respect and cherish every day of my life.

I am determined to live my life in a way that pleases me. I am committed to living a life that demonstrates my preferences and values.

I am starting a new chapter in my life that suits me perfectly.

I make myself a priority starting today. I have plans for how I want to live my life, and they become a reality today.

I am taking responsibility for the life I live. I am a change-maker, and I am making things happen! I know what needs to be done, and I am doing it.

I refuse to allow anything to stop me. I am committed to the future that I desire.

Today, I start my new life. I am living my life differently than before. I am now living the life that is best for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Upon reviewing my personal mission statement, how would I describe the kind of life I want to live? What is stopping me?

  2. Why have I allowed myself to continue living a life I don’t enjoy fully?

  3. What can I change today that will bring me closer to living the ideal life for me?

You can download your copy of today's affirmation and self reflection questions here.

In my next post, we'll continue with the second requirement of building a solid foundation to realize your big goal or mission.

Until next time,



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