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In the last post of this exclusive blog series, we worked through the first of the 3 requirements to build a solid foundation on which to realize our missions.

Let's continue with the second requirement.

Requirement #2: Develop a Positive Money Attitude

The second requirement is to develop a positive attitude around money and wealth.

Most of us would like more money, but we also harbor a few negative feelings or beliefs around money.

When you think of wealthy people, what are your thoughts? Are any of them negative? If so, it would be best to adjust your perceptions.

You’re sure to sabotage your efforts if you have negative associations around money.

Wealth starts with having a positive attitude about money. Examine your own attitude and thoughts about wealth. Have respect for money. Be creative and generate as much value as you can for the marketplace. Spend time with others that have similar goals.

It's impossible to change your money beliefs without changing your mindset about abundance. Are you ready to put in some work to get what you want?

I promised you some freebies and I said we'd be doing the work to build strong abundance mindsets so that we can achieve our big goals and fulfill the personal missions we wrote.

Ready for a little financial therapy?

Grab a glass of wine, tea, or whatever you like and download your free copy of Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life.

Get the worksheet here.

In this eBook, we dive into how your beliefs create and limit your financial reality. We'll discuss negative money beliefs, identify positive money beliefs, how to change a belief, and we'll put together a simple plan of action.

I'd also like to introduce you to one of my favorite audio books. Its called The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde: The 10 Laws of Abundance. You can access it free right here on YouTube.

This audio book goes deep into the psychological aspects of aligning with money. It introduces you to abundance, harmony, and the spiritual aspects of life when it comes to money to help you access your true personal power.

Thank me later. Ha ha!

Before I end today's post, I'd like to say thank you for taking this ride with me. I hope you're enjoying it just as much as I am. Until the next post in this series, I'll leave you with this affirmation...

Action #6: Affirmation

"Money and spirituality coexist in my life."

I appreciate the value money has in society. Money provides many benefits. It can resolve many of the challenges that life presents. I have a positive opinion of money and appreciate the money I have. I am grateful for any boost in my income.

Spirituality is also very important to me. I am able to enjoy the benefits of wealth and be a very spiritual person at the same time.

My wealth and spirituality are growing simultaneously.

My spirituality continues to grow regardless of how wealthy I become. In fact, it is easier to be spiritual when money is abundant in my life. I have less to worry about when I have enough money.

I can be wealthy and spiritual at the same time.

Many people believe that money is the root of all evil. I believe that money provides freedom. My life has more potential when I have more money.

Money provides the opportunity to explore my spirituality more freely and completely.

Today, I allow money to flow into my life. I experience spiritual growth, too. I am a perfect example of how money and spirituality can coexist.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my attitudes about money? Is my perception of wealth interfering with my ability to create more financial wealth in my life?

  2. What are five ways having more money would benefit my desire to be more spiritual?

  3. Do I believe that having more money would interfere with my ability to grow spiritually?

You can download your copy of today's affirmation and self reflection questions here.

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