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The More Good Things You See, The More Good Things You Experience

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." That's a quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I absolutely love that quote. It's one that I live by. Seems deep, but it's actuality pretty practical. I set my intention each morning to see the good around me. And guess what? I see it! I’m thoroughly convinced, no matter how dark, miserable, and desolate something may appear, there’s good in every situation. Yes, I'm annoying, I know (always seeing the bright side...lol). But for me, it has become a natural way of thinking.

It's all about perception. When you see the good in life, even the good in the things that most people would identify as bad or negative, you are able to realign your experiences with better opportunities for growth, health, and happiness.

There's no argument that people who think positive and see the good in people and experiences, live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Your perception of an experience will make it better or worse. You get to decide.

It's true.

When you change the way you view life, people, and your experiences, you start to see the world differently. You're able to see the BIGGER picture and understand why contrast is critical for growth and enlightenment. You can't see a spark of light, which empowers you with hope, optimism, and excitement, without the darkness.

When you see the bigger picture...

You can communicate and listen:

  • With understanding

  • Without judgement

  • With compassion

You can live:

  • In peace

  • With joy & happiness

  • Without boundaries & limitations

Even more than that, perception relates to the Law of Attraction. I'm a hardcore LOA junkie and I believe the way you see things create your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions, and those thoughts create your reality.

Like a magnet, your thoughts will draw to you the people and circumstances that harmonize with you. That is why it’s so important to fill your mind and your time with good stuff. Read good material, listen to good music, practice good habits, spend time with positive people who inspire you, focus on self-empowerment, think kind and positive thoughts.

Keeping it REAL: That doesn't mean I ignore my feelings when something frustrating or disappointing happens. I've learned that those feelings should be acknowledged and reinterpreted.

You can change your life and begin to live the life of your dreams if you stop the behaviors that are holding you back.

I recommend you read Dr. Dyer's book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

Bottom line is: I need to not make anyone or anything outside of "me" responsible for my peace and happiness. I've learned this the hard and painful way. Now, I'm thankful to that person for the role they played in my life. They helped me discover my true self. That's what living a Shitastic life is all about.

All the best,




Wanauma Graham is the founder of BossFreeMedia.com, a hub for self-development content for women entrepreneurs. Wanauma’s books include Totally Unstoppable, Her Mark and a collection of journals and planners.

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