Over the past 3 years I’ve been solely focused on doing work I love. As a matter of fact, over the past few months I've been MIA working on a few passion projects and my next book.

I’ve been sharing my experience with women who are on the fence about—Doing a Thing, Making a Project, or Building a Business—utilizing what’s already inside them, as well as those who are just getting started.

Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception about work. Generally, we tie it to earning money, making a living, and surviving day to day. Work has been the basis of living. You don’t work, you can’t live.

But the way we embrace work is changing. For me, at least.

And maybe I’ll spark something in you as well that makes you rethink work.

To rethink work, let’s define it.

For the most part people define work as employment or the effort they put in for completing a task. It doesn’t have to be enjoyable. They simply want to accomplish whatever it is—the money in the bank account or the task complete.

But work is also the contribution you make to the world. The gift you give to humanity. Your divine assignment.

I guess the difference between the way I see work and the way society sees work in general is the difference between earning a living and actually living.

Many people earn a living for 40+ years and never experience what it’s like to live.

When I say live, I’m talking about seeing what you want to see, saying what you want to say, going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, and being who you want to be. All of that blended and pressed together encompasses who you are.

There’s a different energy that you step into when you’re engaged in an equal exchange of giving and receiving. You give your gifts to uplift humanity in some way (what you’re naturally good at) and you receive gifts (what you desire out of life). I believe that’s the work we’re here to do. That’s a co-creative experience.

There’s a graduation that happens on a spiritual level when you embody your true self and know who you are and laugh how you laugh and speak how you speak and do the things that you know how to do. This is being your best self no matter what that self is.

Success can come from the most basic skill when you're in this energy. It doesn't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, true success, when you tap into your natural skills, comes to you organically.

Finding work that is in alignment with you is part of the challenge, but creating the work you do out of your alignment is a HUGE reward.

Do you think doing work you love would increase your success and happiness? What natural gifts would you tap into?

P.S. If you need help, I'm available for you.


Wanauma Graham is a creative and lifestyle entrepreneur, author of "Totally Unstoppable", and creator of She's dedicated to helping women work through fear and do something they’ve been inspired to do.