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If you’re not investing in yourself this year, you’re making a HUGE mistake.

I believe in you.

I believe in your big dreams.

I believe in your drive, your passion, and your purpose…

I believe in your ability to achieve the things you were MADE to…

My belief in you motivates all that I do.

I want you to be happy, successful, prosperous, connected and tuned into your big dreams…

and one of the best ways I can inspire and support you on your journey is by doing what I do best: writing as a way to inspire.

If you’re ready to (FINALLY!) go after a dream, start a new business, fulfill your life purpose, do something you’ve secretly wanted to do, unveil your true self, do something new, or invest in yourself this year, let’s put your commitment to the test.

I probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to make a BOLD statement and proclaim something for your life and mine today (we’re in this together!):

This year will be known as the year that built you and made you who you were supposed to be. People will be amazed at your evolution. Those who didn’t believe in you, will wish they did now.

And I’m not just saying it, I’ve actually written a book that will guide you through ★5-STEPS that will ACTIVATE you (your authentic, feminine and powerful self) so that you can step boldly into your PURPOSE. You’ll create a real blueprint to awaken your purpose and work it!! Not only that, I created a beautiful workbook too.

That's the project that kept me so busy and away from my blog in 2021. I was so hyper-focused, multitasking was not an option.

And now she's here!!!

You can learn more about Her Mark and Grab your copy here.

I hope this post finds you inspired.

Here's to a new year and a new you!




Wanauma Graham is a purpose-first entrepreneur and “do what you love” enthusiast. She’s founder + creator of BossFreeMedia.com and author of Her Mark and Totally Unstoppable. Her Purpose Activator™ Course teaches women how to awaken the purpose that’s embedded inside of them and take real action toward a purpose-first idea, business or project. She’s building a community of purpose-obsessed women who feel empowered and inspired to boldly say, “F’ it! I’m going for it.”


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