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Most women that I know have a favorite flower. The color of the flower might be significant. The scent of it may remind you of something or someone. That particular flower may have a special meaning for you or symbolize something.

The same way that living flower is communicating with you; triggering your senses, is the same way your living spirit communicates with you (without you realizing it).

One area in life where people get stuck is in “choosing” or making important decisions. We get paralyzed by fear when a decision needs to be made that requires trust or faith. That’s because the outcome is not always available for us to analyze ahead of time.

It’s nearly impossible to know how anything is going to turn out and sometimes life requires us to take risks and trust in the process.

The thing is not to give up!

BE MINDFUL of the cues and communication you receive.

Your spirit communicates with you by sending subtle guides and nudges in the right direction.

Some of you got sign after sign after sign that you needed to make a move, whether it was quit your job, leave a relationship, or start a business.

When you ignore the signs, you prolong your happiness and delay REAL success.

When you refuse, The Most High will move you out. And although it’s for your own good (i.e. healing, fulfilling your destiny, answering your calling, or removing generational poverty), it’s usually not pleasant. It’s often a sudden and unexpected shift.

Our Spirit connects with us in many unique ways, here are just a few examples of how my Spirit communicates with me:

Signs and Symbols, such as Repeating Numbers

Do you ever see the same numbers on the clock, on signs, video titles, or random places? You know, like…1111, 222, 444, etc. That could very well be a nudge to pay attention to something. Seeing repeating numbers is a common way that Spirit communicates with you.

Spirit communicates through animal symbols as well. An example of a symbol could be a butterfly, moth, bee, dragonfly, possibly even a bird. Maybe they appear in your life during times of deep thought or to offer confirmation that you are guided, safe, and protected.

Go with what you FEEL in your gut.

Buzzing in the Ear

Many people ignore buzzing in the ear or find it annoying, not realizing that it could be happening because Spirit is trying to get your attention. It could happen when you hear certain information, are doing a particular thing, or around a specific person.

PAY ATTENTION and be mindful of patterns.

It may lead you to a deeper revelation of something going on in your life. It often serves as confirmation that you are on the right track.

Some people also refer to loud pitched ringing in the ear as a signal of “downloading spiritual information”.

If you’re interested, we can discuss that in another post. Let me know below.

Through People

Do you ever notice how you sometimes hear the right message at the right time? Maybe you were thinking about a specific thing and you thought of a question, and the next day you were led to click on a video and it was the exact message you needed to hear. Or you met someone while you were out having lunch and through conversation with this random person, you received confirmation or the answer you were seeking.

These people were not placed on your path by accident. When you have a question and the answer will free you, confirm something for you, or help you receive clarity, often you’ll receive the answer through a random man or woman.

Our spirit will never connect with us in a way that is unsettling or scary. It’s usually in a way that is likely to resonate with us.

For example, you might like the color white, but my favorite color could be yellow. You’ll likely experience more symbolism utilizing the color white (for me…yellow) OR a different color that your Spirit knows you’d be attracted to based on how it makes you feel. The color will capture your attention naturally.

Be mindful.

Pay attention to your thoughts.

Observe the things around you.

Acknowledge the life around you.

If you receive a nudge to look up, click, call someone, or take a walk, follow the nudge. It’s leading you somewhere.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you know someone who could use this information, please share it and spread the love.

Which ways has your Spirit communicated with you?




Wanauma Graham is a creative entrepreneur, author of the book "Totally Unstoppable", and creator of BossFreeMedia.com. She's dedicated to helping women not necessarily find work that’s in alignment with them, but instead use their alignment (energy) to create their work. Her goal at Boss Free Media is to help you follow your heart in all that you do.


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