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Her Mark Life Plan Workbook and eBook, Printable

SKU: W007
  • In this feminine and empowering, one-of-a kind life planning workbook, the author offers a step-by-step process for creating your life blueprint. With this blueprint, you can access your true self, wherever she resides, when creating, planning, and building. She is the foundation of everything you create, whether it’s a new lifestyle, business, or project.


    Using eye-opening questions, thought-provoking exercises, and compelling writing prompts, this easy-to-follow self help workbook guides you through the journey of creating a life you love and discovering the ways in which becoming your truest self can change your life. 


    It’s a spiritual experience, a meditation, and a practical toolkit combined into one. The Workbook is the companion for "Her Mark", the book. By the end of this self help guide you will be inspired, empowered, and most of all, liberated.


    You’ll complete this workbook with a clear vision of your next level up, and a strategic life blueprint for making it your reality.


    Once you create a foundation, then everything else is doable. 



    1- eBook "Her Mark" Limited Digital Edition EPUB (8.5"x11")
    1- Printable Life Plan Workbook in Color PDF (8.5"x11")
    1- Printable Life Plan Workbook in Black and White PDF (8.5"x11")
    1- Personal Use Product License





    ** 100 Pages
    ** 10 Golden Rules
    ** 55 Guided Questions
    ** 14 Activities
    ** 12 Blueprint Pages
    ** 3 Challenges


    You can base everything you create on this life blueprint because the blueprint was designed on something real—who you are, who you believe you are becoming, and an accumulation of wisdom from all your life experiences to this point, even the ones you want to have in the future.

    Listing is for The Plan Your Six Figure Business Workbook only, any other pictured items not included.

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