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I'm Wanauma Graham, a fortysomething, sassy, free spirit and the creator of Are you ready to live a freer, happier, more kick-ass life? I'm going for it! Join me.




I’m Wanauma, a creative entrepreneur, content creator, and author of  Totally Unstoppable. I’m dedicated to helping women work through fear and do something they’ve always wanted to do.

I could share my credentials with you: Like how I’ve slept in my car with just $12 in my bank account – that’s not even enough to withdraw $20! How I lost everything - my job, apartment, car, and storage unit with everything I owned. How I started from zero.


But honestly, I think that’s nothing to raise an eyebrow at because the world is rampant with people who have problems, isn't it? Everyone goes through difficult times, don’t they?

Unfortunately, some people succumb to the hardships and heartbreak. And some people have what I'd like to call Authentic Staying Power. We’ll refer to it as ASP. You have it too! Let's tap into it.

I'm here to help you get in "hell yes!" mode, be totally and undeniably UNSTOPPABLE, create the life you want to live, and finally do something you feel inspired to do.

Wanauma Graham, Author of "Totally Unstoppable"
Wanauma Graham, Author of "Totally Unstoppable"


People are overworked, overworried, undervibing, undermotivated, underjoyed, and undercompensated. People are underwhelmed by the life they're living.

They know they need to make a change, but they don't have the focus and energy to do it.

It's time for a MASSIVE shift.

And I'm ready to spark that change.

I imagine a world where everybody can be courageous enough to follow their heart and do what they love. To be able to say yes to what feels right deep down (and mean it) and say no when it doesn't fit or it's not in 100% alignment with their core. To live with excitement and passion. And to KNOW they've "got this".

We need to get you in hell yes mode.


Influencer of Perception

It's time to put down your never ending insurmountable to do lists and refocus your energy on what REALLY matters. 

It's time for radical change.

Some people...or should I say...most people have a really tough time manifesting what they want. It's not because they don't believe it's possible, it's because they can't get past what they see in front of them.

They're stuck.
They're stuck!
They're stuck!!!

They don't know how to get out of that space of seeing their experiences, situations, and setbacks as misfortunes. Their perception of where they are, who they are, and what they're capable of is blocking their flow.

Change your mindset, change your life.

Wanauma Graham, Author of "Totally Unstoppable"



I want to encourage you to stretch yourself to achieve dreams you never thought possible. To believe in yourself SO HARD, that it would be impossible not to manifest it. 


To get that stuck energy to move so that you can flourish and thrive.

To believe you're TOTALLY unstoppable.

My Motto is Simple


Create it.


"Create it" is so much more than two words. It reminds me of how powerful I am. How powerful my thoughts-words-feelings are.


My motto brings my heart, words and actions into alignment and it’s a reminder that I can create the life I want to live and anything my heart desires.


It ensures that whatever decision I’m making, move I’m making, or dream I’m fulfilling aligns with my intention to create the life I dream of. A life full of freedom and abundance.

You can actually improve your life with a few simple words.

A motto acts as a spark that ignites the flame that gets you to take the next step and the next. It summarizes your intentions and motivates you to keep going.


If you want to become more and more the best possible version of yourself, a great life motto can help you.

Read "How to Create Magic in Your Life with a Motto and This Magical Formula".



Have you ever thought: “Is this all there is to life?”, “Why does my life seem to be stuck in a constant loop?”, “Why can’t I move my life forward?” You want to believe that success is possible, but you’re wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” 


Totally Unstoppable is an honest and refreshing look at life to help you feel empowered to create change, receive where before you were closed off, and break out of a long cycle of stagnation, blocks, defeating thoughts & beliefs, negative perspectives, and repetitive routines that just aren’t working.

​Whether you want to create your next big heart-centered business opportunity, begin a new life quest for freedom, or live a more purpose-driven life, you’re about to blast through the roadblocks by adopting a new belief: I am TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE.

Available in Kindle and Paperback.