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 She's creating a business that’s rooted in who she is—her own beliefs, values, standards, style, and a mission that is hers.

She Has Purpose

Solopreneurs That Put Purpose at the Core of Their Business Strategy Do Better

She understands the power of purpose. She builds purpose into what she does. For her—it's a way to create shared value, improve morale and commitment, give back to the community, and help the environment. She translates her purpose into action and does what it takes to fulfill it.

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She's Self-Aware

Self-Awareness Allows You to Be More Conscious of Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

She knows that self-awareness in business takes focused, intentional work. Self-awareness is her ability to perceive and understand the things that make her who she is as an individual and business owner, including her personality, actions, values, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

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She Values Her Freedom

The Biggest Reason That Most of Us Become Solopreneurs Is the Freedom It Brings

She runs her business independently and is ultimately responsible for its success. She simplifies her offerings, works smart, manages her time, limits her debt, and outsources tasks to improve productivity and free up her time. She knows that freedom is more than having all the money you need.

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She's Decisive

Skills Are Integral to a Solopreneur's Success, But Great Decision-Making Trumps Everything

In business, easy decisions are rare. Effective decision making requires business leaders to reframe what is essential. She knows how to figure out what's actually important. She lets go of perfectionism and doesn't get consumed by possibilities. She's not afraid to take action. 

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Decision Making

What would it cost in time and money to do this?


What would it cost if I don’t do this?

What are the pros and cons of pursuing each option?

What’s my gut feeling? What feels right?

What happens if I apply my core principles to this decision?

How would this decision affect other people, the community and the world?

How do my beliefs inform this decision?

How does this decision align with my passions, goals, and personal values?

What is the payoff for each option? What is the risk? Can I live with the worst-case scenario? How could I minimize the risk?

She Keeps it Real

Authenticity Isn't a Cliche, It's a Necessity

Being yourself is your SUPERPOWER! She knows this. She feels free to be herself, even in business. The more she can be herself (her purpose, her core values, her beliefs, her heart's desire) the more fulfilled she will be in her purpose, life, and business.

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Image by Ella Jardim


7 Steps to Business Success

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