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If you're just writing "Make 6-Figures" as a goal in your planner, you're setting yourself up for a disappointing year. Goals need purpose and focus, and your daily planning should reflect that. A goal plan will help you ensure that you organize each step in achieving your goal and that your "Make 6-Figures" goal gets crushed. At the end of this post, be sure to check out two of our digital tools aimed at helping you complete this task and grab our printable goal setting worksheet.

STEP 1: Categorize

To begin, set a category for your goal. So if your goal is to reach six figures in your business – that would go under business. Then, I would set a goal date or a deadline for when I want to reach that goal by. If you don’t set a goal date you will get off track and wonder why a year has gone by and you didn't reach your goal. I like to set one big goal aka aim and a few sub-goals each year, then try to accomplish 1-2 of them each quarter. I recommend using the SMART Goal Insert as a tool to really clarify your goal and determine if it's realistic and doable before moving on to the next step.

How to Plan Your Goals in Your Planner and Crush Them! Download Our Printable Goal Setting Worksheet

STEP 2: Brainstorm

Next, brainstorm all the steps required to achieve that goal. Use the BMBG Master To-List so that you can list and prioritize each task in one place. As a creative practice, if you use post its on a wall or board, you can reorder and reorganize the steps until you have a clear strategy laid out. It’s a lot easier than rewriting it. In this step, write out all of the actions that are needed to crush this goal. If you don’t know all the actions and tasks required, that’s okay. Just start with what you know right now to get started.

STEP 3: Organize

After brainstorming, categorize and organize all those actions into steps or phases. The way you organize it will depend on how big your goal is and how your brain works. Categorize it the way that feels best for you. For example, for achieving six figures in your business, you may have a section for financial, one for sales, and another for marketing. You would then list them in the order they need to be completed so that each action or task will be ready for the next. Include as many action words and details so that everything is clear. These tasks are the things that will eventually go into your weekly and daily to-do lists.

STEP 4: Notes

In your goal plan, it’s also important to have a notes section to list any resources, information, missteps, tips, etc. These things will help in achieving your goal but do not necessarily go on your to-do list.

STEP 5: Get Started

After completing your goal plan the next important step is to get started. This is the true test of every successful solopreneur.: their ability to not only plan, but execute. Look at the first prioritized item on your master to-do list and transfer it to your weekly or daily to-do list and do it. Get it done. Over time you’ll see yourself ticking off all those steps, marking your tasks "done" and you will have accomplished your goal successfully - and on time!

Download Our Printable Goal Setting Worksheet or Get the Full Six Figure Goal Planner with the BMBG Master To-Do List here.

This workbook comes with a collection of worksheets you need to plan your business goals. It goes in depth with STEP 1: Getting Clear on What You Want, STEP 2: Turning What You Want Into Goals, STEP 3: Creating a Plan for Your Goals, and STEP 4: Prioritizing Your Daily Actions with a few BMBG™ Tools.

A companion to the 100K Planner to create a solid plan of action for your business.

  • It comes in the following size: Letter (8.5"x11")

  • Format includes: a high quality PDF that can be printed 1 or 2 sided with a 0.500 inch margin on all sides WITH OR WITHOUT bleed and crop marks.

This is a classy, printable monthly planner for your business. It's a collection of planner inserts that helps you with productivity, goal planning, and monthly weekly management.

  • It comes in the following size: Letter (8.5"x11")

  • Format includes: a 2-sided planner spread with a choice of 0.500 or 0.750 inch margin for hole punching WITH OR WITHOUT bleed and crop marks.

I hope this helps you plan your goals more efficiently to get your big goals marked "ACHIEVED". One year from now you'll look back and say, I did it!!

Let me know what methods you use to plan your goals and if you have any additional tips you want to share. And if you're using the BMBG Method™ in your business, I'd love to hear how you're doing.

Stay fabulous!



Wanauma Graham is a “do what you love” enthusiast and author of Totally Unstoppable. She’s the founder and creator of BossFreeMedia.com, a personal development and business productivity brand for women entrepreneurs looking to start and run a business that's centered on purpose. Her digital products shop, known as "The Shop for Women Entrepreneurs", offering planner inserts, templates, courses, and guides is gaining popularity. Connect with her: facebook.com/wanaumagraham

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