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Home Buying Course, Prepare for Homeownership Step-by-Step PRINTABLE

SKU: C002
  • Every girl wants her dream house!


    This self-paced home buyer's course is designed and brought to you by Boss Free Media. It's an exclusive! Written for renters aspiring to become a homeowner, this guide is very thorough and intended to help you prepare for home ownership step-by-step.


    Plan your home purchase by learning, prepping, taking actionable steps, budgeting, and saving 18 to 24 months in advance. The full course includes 5 color-coded modules + an 18-month plan.


    Course Tracks


    Track 01: Laying the Foundation
    Track 02: The Renter's Smart Track
    Track 03: Getting Credit Ready
    Track 04: Getting Mortgage Ready
    Track 05: Getting Home Ready




    ✔ Instantly Downloadable (PDF Format)
    ✔ 5 Modules and Activities: Over 550 slides of lessons!
    ✔ A Complete Home Buying Course: PDF
    ✔ An 18 Month Home Ownership Plan PDF (8.5"x11")
    ✔ A Savings Plan Worksheet PDF (8.5"x11")
    ✔ A Budget Worksheet PDF (8.5"x11")

    ✔ BONUS: Credit Repair Guide + 25 Credit Repair Letters!!




    ✔ How to lease "smart" to make home buying simpler
    ✔ How to set a home buying timeline that works (timing is everything!)
    ✔ Understand how much home you can REALLY afford
    ✔ How to build, repair, and manage your credit score (don’t skip this!!)
    ✔ How to budget for home buying
    ✔ How to manage your money while renting
    ✔ How to save for a down payment the SMART way
    ✔ How to get down payment assistance (many people don’t know about this!!)
    ✔ Understand the REAL cost of buying
    ✔ How to select the right lender and agent (oh…it matters!)
    ✔ Understand the preapproval process
    ✔ How to conduct an effective home search (do it right for a better experience)
    ✔ The home buying process from start to finish!




    This course cannot be modified, copied, resold, or transferred to another party. It can only be used for personal use. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you are a real estate agent or loan officer interesting in partnering with me to provide your clients with an online home buying course or you wish to use the course presentation for your home buying seminar or webinar, contact me or visit the shop to find the "home buyer webinar slide deck templates".


    1) NO REFUNDS Due to the nature of this item, there are no refunds available. However, if you have problems with your order, please contact me.


    2) PERSONAL USE LICENSE This published digital product is available for personal use only. It may not be copied, reproduced, or shared, and is not available for resale. No Sale, Re-sale, Distribution Rights.


    Copyright © 2014-2023 Boss Free Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. 


    All the best,


    P.S. Have a suggestion on how to improve our course? Message me.


    Looking for the home buying course slidedeck template for agents? Get it here.

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