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a blog post by boss free media titled "The #1 Success Principle to Change Your Life and Business" for women entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you could be making one simple mistake that's stagnating the success of your business.

That's why today I'd like to ask for your undivided attention. Stop whatever you're doing and focus.

When I was a sales trainer and manager, I had a sales team that depended on my guidance. They came to me for solutions, answers, and support. I had an open-door policy, which was a workplace rule that encouraged employees to discuss any job-related issues with me, and my job was to make them feel comfortable doing so.

One day, an employee walked into my office with a question, which led to a discussion about his sales goals. At the end of the discussion, he shared something with me that helped shape how I communicate with people even today. That was nearly 20 years ago.

He said, I appreciate how you always stop what you're doing and turn around to look at me. You actually stop what you're doing and focus on what I have to say. I've never had a manager like that. They're usually too busy doing other things. Thank you for that.

He was my top salesperson.

The single biggest mistake that an entrepreneur makes is not giving their undivided attention to the task or goal at hand.

Instead, they focus a small part of their effort and energy in multiple directions instead of the one thing that could potentially get them the biggest results.

a printable goal setting workbook titled "Set Goals Like a Millionaire" published by Boss Free Media for women entrepreneurs who want to set and achieve short and long-term goals

Allow me to share my success principle. Following a success principle is about designing your approach to optimize your performance and results.

My success principle is...

Create Focus, Not Balance

Balance is when you distribute your effort in multiple directions trying really hard to not drop the ball. When you can keep all the balls in the air it's called a balancing ACT.

Here's the hard truth: there is no such thing as "balanced" in business if you want to really be effective.

To be effective you need to get laser focused and put your effort and energy into something that you want to grow exponentially.

Once you've determined what you need to achieve, everything you do on a daily basis should fall into your focus area. The more attention you give it, the faster and bigger it grows. It's the snowball effect. You've heard of the snowball effect, right?

Imagine a small snowball that rolls down a snowy hill. It starts off small, but as it rolls down the hill and gathers more snow, it gets bigger and bigger and grows momentum.

If you want to win, you have to focus on what's important now.

How? Create focused daily productivity habits.

Your Daily Habit: Develop a daily Top 3. I call them High Income Actions. These are the 3 most important things you should complete first. They are tied to the big financial goal you want to achieve each month and they take priority.

Doing those Top 3 things every day consistently will create momentum for you and all these actions will lead to achieving your BIG goal.

I like to write my Top 3 HIA's in my planner and again on a small white board each morning. For me, having them written on a whiteboard on my wall and checking them off is more effective than just writing them in my planner.

One of my favorite "get in focus" tools is my 7 Figure Sister Business Planner Workbook. Check it out here. It includes my signature 7-Step Success Formula.

I hope this post helps you get more focused so that you can get the results in your business that you want to achieve. Focus is the difference between achieving your 2023 goals and not.

What are your focus areas for your life and work? What habits have you developed that help you maintain focus? Share them below.

Be fabulous, and focused!



Wanauma Graham is a “do what you love” enthusiast and author of Totally Unstoppable and Her Mark. She’s the founder and creator of BossFreeMedia.com, a personal development brand for women entrepreneurs looking to start and scale a business that's centered on "purpose". Her digital product Shop for Women Entrepreneurs, offering templates, courses, and guides is gaining popularity. Connect with her:



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