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Boss Mode Business Growth by Wanauma Graham, Hardcover Book

Expected to ship by April 30, 2024
  • Grow your solo business in 2024, level up your money and business, and prevent a common mistake women solopreneurs make! The BMBG Method™ is an organic growth strategy for women solopreneurs whether in their first year of business or starting over. 


    One of a solopreneurs biggest challenges is growth because they wear all the hats and juggle all the balls. Some are barely making ends meet and can't pay themselves a real income. It's not because they aren't motivated. The truth is: they don't have a growth strategy or plan in place to see real growth in their business. I'm talking about achieving bigger financial goals and reaching common milestones.


    If you're unsure about the steps needed to craft an effective BMBG™ strategy, we've got you covered.


    For the majority of new businesses, growth is the main objective. There are several methods that can facilitate growth, but the BMBG Method™ is an organic growth approach for women solopreneurs.


    A growth strategy is a plan that you create to promote long-term success and expand your business in a specific aspect, such as yearly revenue. A perk of utilizing organic growth is that it relies on self-sufficiency and THAT saves you money.


    Don’t try to hit the ground running without planning out and documenting the steps for your growth strategy. We recommend downloading the BMBG Method™ Workbook and working off the included section prompts to outline your intended process for growth in your business. It includes a step-by-step blueprint.


    What you’ll learn in this workbook is based on over 25 years of real experience — starts, hard stops, and do-overs, not some theory. It will personally guide you to success using my exact process.


    It will help you:


    Simplify Your Business
    Cultivate Faster Growth
    Encourage First Year Success
    Drive Profitability
    Increase Longevity

    One of the biggest mistakes I see first year solopreneurs make is trying to juggle too many balls all at once — it never works. Balls = products, services, offers, strategies, types of customers, marketing messages. Juggling can hurt the growth of your business. And trying to apply third or fourth year growth strategies in year one often leads to painful restarts and relaunches. Sure, mistakes are our greatest teacher. Learning curves are an unavoidable and necessary component of mastering your business, but you don't have to waste valuable time or miss out on growth.


    This workbook helps simplify your business and demystify confusion around what you do, what you’re offering, and who you’re offering it to.


    Once you’ve determined what you’re growing and why you’re growing, the next step is to determine how much you’ll be growing.


    These goals should be based on your BIG aim — where you ideally want your business to be, but they should also be achievable and realistic, which is why setting a goal using this strategic method is so valuable.


    Then, you will outline how you’ll achieve your growth goals with a detailed growth strategy. Again — we suggest utilizing the sections and prompts in this workbook using our one-of-a-kind method to write out a detailed growth strategy plan to gain an understanding of how you can make the most out of your new year in business. For example, the “ONE Claim to Fame” section helps you hone in on the one thing that you want to be known for and usher in a dream customer audience around that.


    With all of your goal-setting and planning complete, you’ll be ready to execute your growth plan and deliver results for your business.


    Your growth plan and the tactics you leverage will ultimately be specific to your business. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but the BMBG Method™ is a universal strategy women solopreneurs and one-woman online business owners can implement when getting started to generate MORE in a simplified way, over a short period of time, sort of like compound interest. It’s not just money that can have compounding effects, it also applies to focus and effort.


    Sometimes the best growth strategy a first year woman solopreneur can employ is FOCUS — cultivating an intentional repeated experience that sets her apart from other businesses. With the BMBG Method™, you will get super focused on a specific end goal and deliver a spectacular dream customer experience.


    When you identify an area in your business that you want to grow (in this case revenue) and complete the workbook, you can then work backwards and think about what monthly/weekly/daily actions you can take, tasks you can complete, and good habits you can build to help you get there. Focusing on these daily tasks and habits will allow you to enjoy small rewards early on, and big celebrations long term.


    Successful woman solopreneurs plan for growth. They focus on it. They work for it. So what's your plan?


    Whether you’re just starting out or leveling up your existing business, the BMBG Method™ works for:


    Product-based online businesses.
    Service-based online businesses.
    Personal brands.



    We’re not a planner company, we’re a personal and business development company for women entrepreneurs and we create the productivity tools you need to succeed. Developing your business is not as important as who you become as you develop your business. We hope that you become more goal-oriented, confident, focused, and productive solopreneur in achieving your big dreams and goals.




    ◼ Minimal
    ◼ Functional
    ◼ Plenty of Room to Write




    1- 108 Page BMBG Method Workbook (8.5"x11")




    Please note: Colors rendered on your monitor may vary slightly from the printed product.

    **This purchase is for the workbook only, no other items or props in the product photos will be included.

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