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Credit Repair Business Bundle

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  • Get a Credit Repair Business Bundle with a Premium Wix Website Template for your credit repair business and 3 BONUSES by Boss Free Media here!


    Are you starting a credit repair business? Are you a credit repair specialist or owner of a solo credit repair business? I've created this customizable credit repair business website bundle just for you!


    This bundle includes:


    ✔ 10 Page Website Template
    ✔ 130 Page Credit Repair Guide
    ✔ Credit Repair Business Blueprint




    ✔ Business Plan Design Template
    ✔ Credit Score Tracking Sheet
    ✔ 9 Easy Reference Sheets / Handouts / Lead Gen Magnets / Freebies


    That's not all!


    BONUS! You’ll also get my ‘Her Credit 700+ Credit Score Challenge Guide’ to rebuild your credit score absolutely FREE!



    View the live website template here: https://bfmagency.wixsite.com/her-credit-template



    The template is 100% customizable.

    ✔ Wix Paid Plans
    ✔ Wix Blog
    ✔ Wix Bookings
    ✔ Contact Form
    ✔ Social Media Links
    ✔ 10+ Pages
    * Home Page
    * About Page
    * Pricing/ Plans/Packages Page
    * Bookings Page (i.e. Appts, Consultations, Classes, Courses)
    * FAQs Page
    * Blog Page
    * Contact Page
    * Terms Page (Sample included)
    * Privacy Policy Page (Sample included)
    * Video Page (i.e. Welcome, Webinar, How-To Video)



    ✔ Credit Reports 101
    ✔ How to Get Your Free Credit Report
    ✔ Improving Your Credit Score
    ✔ 22 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score
    ✔ 10 Unusual Ways to Raise Your Credit Score
    ✔ How to Handle an Error on Your Credit Report
    ✔ 7 Important Factors That Prepare You for Buying a Home
    ✔ Things to Do Before Applying for a Mortgage
    ✔ 5 Ways to Ruin Your Credit Score



    Customize and package the credit repair guide for your clients. That's an additional revenue stream for you!

    ✔ 130+ pages
    ✔ The basic process you need for credit repair
    ✔ Credit reports 101
    ✔ How to obtain your credit reports (the RIGHT way!)
    ✔ How to check your credit reports and what to look for
    ✔ How to freeze or opt-out of third-party credit bureaus and databases you didn't even know about
    ✔ Navigate the dispute process step-by-step with 25 sample dispute letters
    ✔ 3 MAJOR mistakes to avoid

    and more!

    You'll get all of this for the price of a website template alone.



    Microsoft Word
    Wix Account



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    ** Font
    ** Images
    ** Upload Your Logo
    ** Move Objects
    ** Mobile Website

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