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Credit Repair Guide, A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to a Higher Score PRINTABLE

SKU: C002
  • A complete 130+ page Credit Repair Guide and a Credit Score Tracking Sheet. Repair your credit and increase your credit score! 2023 can be an amazing year.




    1- Client Credit Repair Guide (Ready-to-Print PDF)
    1- BONUS! 25 Sample Credit Dispute Letters (Easy-to-Edit WORD)
    1- FREE Gift! Get the "Her Credit™ 700+ Credit Score Challenge




    ✔ 130+ pages
    ✔ The basic things you need for credit repair
    ✔ Credit reports 101
    ✔ How to obtain your credit reports (the RIGHT way!)
    ✔ How to check your credit reports and what to look for
    ✔ How to freeze or opt-out of third-party credit bureaus and databases you didn't even know about
    ✔ Navigate the dispute process step-by-step with 25 sample dispute letters
    ✔ 3 MAJOR mistakes to avoid




    Sample Bankruptcy Court Letter
    Sample Cease and Desist Letter
    Sample ChexSystems Dispute Letter 1
    Sample ChexSystems Dispute Letter 2
    Sample ChexSystems Dispute Letter 3
    Sample ChexSystems Dispute Letter 4
    Sample Collection Agency Failed to Validate Debt Letter – Credit Bureau
    Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter – 7 Year Expiration
    Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter – Inquiries w FTC Complaint
    Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter – Inquiries
    Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter – Personal Information
    Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter
    Sample Debt Validation Insufficient Response Letter
    Sample Debt Validation Letter after Credit Bureau Verifies
    Sample Debt Validation No Response Letter
    Sample Goodwill Letter
    Sample Item Verification Follow-Up Letter
    Sample Late Payment Correction Letter
    Sample Method of Verification Letter
    Sample No Response Letter – Credit Bureau
    Sample No Response Letter - Creditor
    Sample No Response Letter – Debt Collector
    Sample Pay for Delete Letter
    Sample Reinvestigation and Item Verification Letter
    Sample Credit Freeze Letter




    Microsoft Word to edit sample letters.




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