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8 Steps. 1 Year. 6 Figures.

Welcome woman solopreneur! With the BMBG Method, your six-figure year starts now.

What is the Boss Mode Business Growth Method?

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Let's Make That Six Figure Vision Come True!

For the majority of new businesses, growth is the main objective. There are several methods that can facilitate growth, but the BMBG Method™ is an organic growth approach for women solopreneurs.

Whether you're just starting out or you have an established early-stage business, our proprietary growth strategy gives you a step-by-step process to follow so that you can get super-focused—knowing who you are, what you offer, and who you serve—and fast-track your six-figure growth.

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Imagine creating your freedom lifestyle with a profitable business that’s rooted in who you are—your own beliefs, values, standards, style, and a mission that is yours.

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A Year That’s High-Vibe and Highly-Focused

Here's the hard truth: there is no such thing as "balanced" in business if you want to really be effective. To be effective you need to get laser focused and put your effort and energy into something that you want to grow exponentially.


The BMBG Success Principle will help you cultivate focus on what's important now and become a master at prioritizing the right things that really propel you toward six figures. Focus is the difference between celebrating the achievement of your one year goal and being faced with the hard decision on whether to put yourself and your business on hold to return to a traditional 9 to 5.

Your Year, Starts Now!

What you’ll learn using the BMBG Method is based on over 25 years of real experience — starts, hard stops, and do-overs, not some theory. It will personally guide you to success using our exact process.

It will help you:

  • Simplify Your Business

  • Cultivate Faster Growth

  • Encourage First Year Success

  • Drive Profitability

  • Increase Longevity

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Become a BMBG Facilitator

The Boss Mode Business Growth (BMBG) is a proprietary 8 step growth strategy and practical tools used by solopreneurs to clarify, simplify, and crush their business goals, and you can help guide them to greater success.

Are you a business leader or coach who:

  • Supports women solopreneurs

  • Is seeking a ready-to-use coaching framework

  • Wants to teach the BMBG Method

  • Is looking for an unlimited, ground floor opportunity

  • Wants to help solopreneurs crush their biggest goals


If you're ready to take your business coaching or solopreneurial leadership to another level, submit your application today!

Boss Mode Business Growth by Wanauma Graham (5.5x8.5)

Not Available for Individual Purchase

BMBG Strategy Workbook Boss Free Media.png

BMBG Method Strategy Workbook (8.5x11)

Not Available for Individual Purchase

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BMBG Method Foundation Workbook (8.5x11)

Not Available for Individual Purchase

BMBG Reference Sheets Pack Boss Free Media.png

BMBG Method Quick Reference Sheets (8.5x11)

Not Available for Individual Purchase

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BMBG Wall Posters Trio (24x36)

Not Available for Individual Purchase

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