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​Why I Launched Boss Free Media

I'm Wanauma, entrepreneur, author,  and solopreneur success coach. Helping women solopreneurs start businesses they love is what I do. I could share with you how I slept in my car with just $22 in my bank account or how I launched my business with just $22, a laptop and a prayer. Literally. We all have a story behind why we do what we do.


It's my core purpose and ultimate intention to enrich the lives of women through entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs are brand creators who ignite change in the world. I want to foster their growth.

I understand that making substantial growth as a solopreneur can be tough. Unfortunately, for many women, it’s challenging to start and find support—80% do not make it past the one-year mark and many are often out of business within two years. I’m passionate about helping women overcome this challenge and succeed in business. And, it is my hope that my products will empower you and/or your clients to achieve their goals and reach new heights.


I created the Solopreneur Success System to encourage growth, cultivate high-level confidence, and most importantly drive longevity and profitability, so that you can get to the one-year mark and say, “I did it!”


I imagine a 'first year' where women entrepreneurs are confidently hitting their income goals and actually building a brand based on who they are (their purpose, values, gifts, talents, goals). That's how to cultivate longevity in business.

My theme song for the year is “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Have a listen. I'd love to listen to yours. Please share!

If you want to connect or collaborate, reach out to me. If you don’t see an immediate opportunity, that’s okay, you may in the future. I wish you huge success and prosperity moving forward.

About Wanauma

Ready for a Year That’s High-Vibe and Highly-Focused?

for Women Solopreneurs

Share it with a woman entrepreneur, solo business owner, or aspiring solopreneur.

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